Treadmill Gaming: Complete Explanation & Recommendation For Beginners

Playing games has been a favorite leisure activity for decades, especially with teenagers and young adults. Therefore, game manufacturers have developed their games in quality, content, and experience to maintain and attract more customers.

And if you still think that the best gaming experience is to play a game with excellent content and graphic display, we would like to introduce you to treadmill gaming, a method that helps you enjoy every game to the fullest extent. 

What Is Treadmill Gaming?

Treadmill gaming, or VR (Virtual Reality) treadmill gaming, is a set of electronic devices supporting every action in a game. These include platform appliances and wearable devices that bring players to a real-world experience of the game, providing them a feeling that they are the main characters of the adventure and free to move in the staged world.

In other words, they use their body parts to control the characters and run the game instead of using buttons like PlayStations or smartphones.  

All components of the gaming set use built-in inertial sensors to recognize players’ actions and transfer them to the computer. The computer will analyze the data and convert it to equivalent movements of the game characters. Thus, gamers can feel that they are moving in the fancy world and do everything by themselves. This gaming method brings people much more incredible experiences than sitting on a chair and moving their fingers only. 

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Games To Play On Treadmill

Actually, you can install many games to play on the treadmill. However, a real gamer never invests a great deal of money in high-tech devices just to play Solitaire or Word Puzzles. Instead, players with a treadmill want to immerse themselves in games that bring surprising experiences or intense workouts. 

For example, if you are a fan of the Fast and Furious film series, you may like Asphalt or similar racing games. Or if you want continuous movements, try “
“Zombie, Run”. This game creates a pretty scary background and forces players to run a lot. Moreover, those who prefer gun wars may seek and play shooting games, in which they are provided with a gun and have to deal with lots of enemies. 

Games To Play On Treadmill

How To Install A Treadmill

A large set of electronic components may confuse users as they think it is complicated to set up. However, any machine has a manual guide so that you can assemble a treadmill without the help of customer service. 

Step 1: Assemble the mainframe

The main parts of a treadmill set consist of a deck, arms, a screen, and the primary console. They are significant components, but they were already pre-assembled. Therefore, the only duty is attaching them following the manual instructions. 

It is necessary to arrange ample space for the treadmill as you may need to move large components or even the whole machine. Moreover, in case of an accident that makes you fall off the treadmill, the excessive space will help you avoid unexpected damage. Therefore, an area of 5 to 6 feet behind the machine is what specialists recommend. Or, if possible, you can leave equivalent space around the treadmill. 

Step 2: Connect the console

Once you finish laying the main parts, it’s time to connect the console. Again, all the wires and cables needed are available, so you only have to connect them correctly to the devices. Don’t worry about electrocution as they are all made safe. Instead, you need to notice their positions, which means you have to arrange them neatly so that these wires don’t affect your activities. 

How To Install A Treadmill

Step 3: Check the safety belt

Every treadmill gaming kit includes a belt that ties the player with the machine. This belt keeps the gamer working within the treadmill, ensures his connection with the game world, and prevents him from falling off. As usual, the belt is set in a standard condition, which means it is available in a suitable length for different activities and games on the machine. However, you need to make a trial run to ensure it has no problem or incorrect configuration. 

Once everything is finished, you can install your game and enjoy it. 

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Other Activities On Treadmill 

A treadmill is not designed for playing games only. Its first purpose was exercising. However, with a modern treadmill gaming setup, you can use the treadmill while playing video games, providing exceptional experiences compared to everyday styles. 

Physical training

As mentioned, the original function of a treadmill is exercising, so you can do exercises with a treadmill gaming set in the early morning, late afternoon, or anytime that suits you. 

Unlike traditional personal trainers, a treadmill consists of various workouts that improve physical and mental health and provide a unique experience. These include fartlek and interval workouts, climbing ladder exercises, training with a friend, challenging a runner, and trying a virtual trail. Of course, you may need a partner or an ideal weather condition for these pieces of training, but with a treadmill gaming set, you can do these practices at home with the same, even more incredible, feeling and effectiveness. 

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Listen to music

Of course, you should do this activity while going jogging on the treadmill. Listening to music while working helps the brain relax and increases training performance by about 15%. You need to make your favorite list on the computer and configure it to autoplay when you start walking (if this function is available). 

Listen to music

Listen to an audiobook

Suppose you want to enjoy something while going jogging but not music, an audiobook is ideal. Instead of staring at written pages that may cause eyestrain, you will absorb the content by ear. This method helps you understand the ideas faster and better without affecting your training. 

Watch videos 

Watching videos is a worth-considering action on a treadmill. If the treadmill set includes VR goggles, experiencing the content through these glasses is exceptionally incredible. Of course, short or average-length videos are more appropriate than a film, which requires a widescreen for a better feel and more time to watch. On the other hand, enjoying the videos with your bare eyes is also exciting. 

Do mediating exercises

If you have finished your work and cannot perform an intense workout, try mediation. Mediating doesn’t mean you sit consistently and keep yourself quiet like a monk. Instead, you can stroll on the treadmill and maintain regular breathing and keep your mind out of all everyday issues. With this method, you will feel relaxed and recover your mind for the following duties. 


In conclusion, VR treadmill gaming is an excellent recreation that gamers should at least once in a lifetime. It helps them relax their brains and bodies and brings an extraordinary feeling of a real game world. So, if you are a gamer and have a significant financial condition, invest in a set to maximize the experience. And if you find this article informative, share it with your gaming friends. 

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