Pokemon Go Apple Watch Treadmill – How To Connect & Configure Correctly

Being released in 2016, Pokemon instantly became a world phenomenon because of its strange playing scheme and health-improving purpose. In addition, this game received excellent customer reviews and support by requiring players to walk more for game achievements and rewards. 

However, the most significant disadvantage of this game is that players may find it a bit annoying on rainy days. Therefore, some people have an idea of playing Pokemon Go with an Apple watch and a treadmill. But is it possible? Read this article for the answer.

Does Pokemon Go Work On A Treadmill?

The answer is YES. As mentioned, the game Pokemon Go requires players to walk a lot, and they will get rewards at several walking milestones such as 5km, 25km, and 50km. With a treadmill, we can do jogging exercises and play this game simultaneously without going out and worrying about rainy days.

However, the problem when using a treadmill is not how to connect it with the iPhone or an Apple watch but to make sure these devices don’t recognize we are walking in place. Read the content below for this instruction. 

Does Pokemon Go Work On A Treadmill

How To Make Pokemon Go Work On Treadmill

Since November 2018, players can use a smartwatch to track the walking distance for the game instead of the phone itself. For example, with the introduction of Adventure Sync, the latest feature of Pokemon Go, gamers no longer have to hold the phone in their hands all the way but safely put it in their pocket. So, to get your game ready on the treadmill, follow these steps:

1. Enable Adventure Sync

Open the game, then go to Adventure Sync in its settings, turn it on by allowing all categories, and you will have the Adventure Sync feature available. After turning on this feature, return to the home screen, but do not close the game. 

2. Connect your phone to the Apple watch

First, make sure the IOS health app is present and works on both devices. Next, go to Settings on your iPhone. In the Privacy section, enter Motion & Fitness and select Fitness Tracking. Here, check the toggle’s situation. If it is off, turn it on. 

3. Close the game 

After finishing all the configurations, close the Pokemon Go app. Closing the gaming doesn’t mean you only press the home button or return to the home screen. Instead, you need to switch to the multitasking interface and swipe the Pokemon Go window away. 

Remember, if the game is not completely closed, it will recognize that you are walking in place. On the other hand, the distance is calculated from your first step on the treadmill.

Read more about how fast a treadmill can go here if you’re interested.

As mentioned, you will get the rewards once you reach milestones of 5km, 25km, and 50km. However, these gifts are not given right after you finish each distance but at the end of the week. In the game Pokemon Go system, a week begins on Monday, so you receive milestone presents on Sundays.

Moreover, when you successfully enable the Adventure Sync feature, you get several gifts from the game for this action. These rewards encourage players to spend more time on the game, and the given items are helpful for your game. 

How To Make Pokemon Go Work On Treadmill


Now you don’t have to worry about bad weather. And, just follow the instructions above, then you can play Pokemon Go with an Apple watch on a treadmill. If you have a team to play this game, share this article with your teammates to go further in the game. 

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