Can You Use A Treadmill With A Cracked Deck? Common Causes & 6 Methods To Fix

Treadmills are gradually becoming more and more popular exercise equipment in families. So, can you use a treadmill with a cracked deck?

You plan to buy a new treadmill to take home to meet your family’s needs because you discovered some cracks in the old machine’s floor.

However, this is a waste of your time because you can ultimately use the treadmill when its floor cracked.

Please refer to this article immediately to better understand the cause of the treadmill cracked floor and some solutions to fix it. 

Why Do Treadmill Decks Crack?

Can You Use A Treadmill With A Cracked Deck

Why Do Treadmill Decks Crack?

First, you should learn about the causes of treadmill decks cracking.

This error is mainly due to your usage habits and loved ones, but manufacturer errors are rare.

Some specific causes of cracked treadmill floors that you need to be aware of include:

  • The exerciser’s load is too large compared to the limit of the treadmill.
  • You do not regularly maintain and lubricate the floor conveyor.
  • Do not clean after using the treadmill.
  • User’s sweat soaks into conveyor belts and running boards.
  • Poorly stored in damp and water-soaked places.
  • When jogging in the heart, you might get cornered in the middle of the running board too much.

Thus, most of the causes of floor cracking come from users. Therefore, to protect the running floor, it is best to pay attention during using, cleaning, and maintaining the machine. 

Can You Use A Treadmill With A Cracked Deck?

Can You Use A Treadmill With A Cracked Deck

A treadmill

The answer is that you can. When the floor cracked, you can still use it.

The running platform is a part of the treadmill, and it is entirely replaceable. Therefore, if the condition of the cracks is large and many, it is best to replace a new one to ensure the best use.

In particular, all types of treadmills have a design of two floors with similar functions that can be replaced. 

Therefore, if the front floor has fine cracks, the base is quite thick, and when you check the back, it is not affected. Still, like new, it is best to turn it upside down. As a result, you can prolong the use of the floor and save maximum costs.

With small, translucent cracks, you can still use the treadmill as usual. Because, in this case, the floor is still working stably, and you won’t feel the difference.

Thus, the floor crack of the treadmill is not a very serious error, and you can completely fix it simply at home.

At the same time, this error does not affect the electronic, technical, and operating factors. Therefore, even though the floor cracks, you can still use the machine to run normally.

However, you need to pay attention and observe the floor to prevent this cracking situation from becoming more serious. You should change the floor or replace it with a new one for a better user experience. 

How To Replace A Treadmill Walking Board?

How To Replace A Treadmill Walking Board

How To Replace A Treadmill Walking Board

When the treadmill floor cracks or is too old to use effectively, it is best to replace the floor with a new one.

You can completely change the treadmill floor yourself at home in a straightforward way. If you do not know, please refer to the instructions:

Step 1: Turn off the power

To be on the safe side, unplug the power supply before performing the inspection and replace the floor with a new one.

Step 2: Remove the front cover of the device

Use screws to remove all screws of the front cover that are connected to the two sides of the body. You need to take it apart carefully because most of the surface is plastic. Note, make sure you have removed all the screws before opening the front cover.

Step 3: Remove the back cover

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the back of the machine. You have to tilt the device for those without the support and up for those with support to make this operation easy.

Step 4: Manipulate the spindle

Remove the rotating shaft and remove the footswitch on both sides of the machine (if any).

Step 5: Replace the floor

Push the floor forward to remove. Then clean the floor area before putting the new one in.

Step 6: Reassemble

After completing the replacement of the treadmill floor, reassemble it completely. It would help if you did the opposite of when you take it off.

For details, see the video: 


Besides, to understand the operation of the treadmill better, please refer to the following content. Below, we have compiled some of the most commonly asked questions related to this topic.

Indeed, this news is helpful to you and makes using the treadmill more efficient.

How long does a treadmill deck last?

First, you are wondering how long the treadmill floor can work? The life of this part is also relatively high, especially for high-quality and high-priced models.

For example, a Landice about 1 inch thick with a sound lubrication system can effectively use up to 6000 hours without maintenance.

However, to get out of the floor, you should pay attention during the use and maintenance of the device.

When should I replace my treadmill deck?

To ensure a good experience and effect, you should replace the treadmill floor when it is only stable at low intensity.

That is when you increase the power, and you get so low that the machine bounces and bounces unevenly, unsteadily, you need to change the floor.

Fortunately, most treadmills have a double-deck design. Especially with thick floors; you can save money because you can turn the floor upside down and use the backside.

However, if the floor is thin and cracked on both sides, it is best to replace it with a new one.

Do treadmills break easily?

Some treadmills are often fragile if you use them with constant frequency.

As can be seen, this exercise equipment is quite helpful and suitable for indoor training when the weather is terrible, or there is a problem if you cannot go out for a run.

However, when you use it with high intensity, it can break in just a few months, especially when you buy a low-cost machine.

Some common problems with Treadmills include: the chassis is unsafe, the connection strap is not sure to make a loud noise, and the error message is on the data screen. When you notice these signs, chances are, your device is at risk of breakage or damage.

What are treadmill running decks made of?

What are treadmill running decks made of

What are treadmill running decks made of? 

Most treadmill mats on the market are usually PVC. This material composite of ethyl-vinyl chloride (EVA) foam with sound noise reduction or vinyl blends. In addition, the treadmill floor can also be MDF with its structure.

When should I replace my treadmill belt?

To see if you need to replace your treadmill belt, check your equipment. Specifically, you must first check the level of wear of the wire by running your hand along the underside and the upper side of the floor.

When you find that the treadmill belt is quite slippery and no longer dark, you need to replace your device.


Floor cracking is a common problem on your treadmill. However, do not rush to buy a new machine to replace it when this situation occurs because you can ultimately use the treadmill even if the floor is cracked.

Hopefully, with the information that we have provided, you can draw on the experience of using it to limit the risk of cracked machine floors. 

Thank you for following this post! 

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