How To Hide A Treadmill In A Room Without Interrupting Other Decor

Do you have a treadmill in your house? Do you want to find an effective way to hide it without compromising the look and feel of your room? 

It’s understandable that you have such inquiries. Treadmills are bulky and take up a lot of space. If you’re struggling with this, then read on! Here’s how to hide a treadmill in a room that we’ve been using for years.

How To Hide A Treadmill In A Room

Use a Decorative Folding Screen

There are many options for concealing your treadmill, but the folding screen is by far the best. It’s portable, and you can put it up in any area without taking up too much space or obstructing traffic flow. If you have a tiny house with insufficient wall length for a complete paneling system, this may be what you need!

Use a Decorative Folding Screen

Using a privacy screen to make a treadmill more inconspicuous is another approach. Yet, you must select the appropriate type and placement for this in your house or workplace.

Perhaps angling over one side with barriers blocked up at either end, so they’re out of sight when folded up against an interior wall is a preferable choice.

Tip: Use a foldable screen to protect your treadmill from foot traffic. Because folding screens are not permanent installations, they may be set aside as needed without getting in the way or taking up much space.

Here are some of my suggestions: 

The wood folding screen is ideal for any area in your house. It’s not only gorgeous, but it also serves a practical purpose by concealing your treadmill and providing an exquisite yet unobtrusive feature. They will undoubtedly look excellent wherever you decide to place them! 

A wood screen with beautiful carvings to highlight the light would work. Depending on your decorating taste, you may utilize this Japanese-style bamboo 3-panel design in informal situations inside or outdoors! Several patterns are available. It will surely impress visitors, whether it is vivid colors or materials such as bamboo sandpaper.

Modify A Hall Closet Into A Treadmill Cupboard 

Do you have a treadmill but don’t want it in your living room? Don’t worry! There are several innovative solutions for those who need one but do not have enough space.

Modify A Hall Closet Into A Treadmill Cupboard 

Finding places to store small items are way easier than for big items like treadmills. Using the hall closet as temporary storage can be a smart idea. 

Still, it is important that you provide adequate space for the gadget. So, the best solution is to remove the closet rails and maybe relocate everything. Even with tiny treadmills, you must do so.

Hang Drapes Or Curtains

For those with a treadmill in their room, it is easy to store it with drapes or curtains. This will create separation between your machine and other furniture. You can easily remove it when needed without having any permanent marks left behind on the walls.

Might as well use some creativity while storing away your treadmills:

  • Add blinds and rolling screens
  • Customize ceiling bar
  • Create a bay-like space using bow-shaped curtain rods

It’s important to look for a flexible ceiling-mounted track with curtains. This will allow you to install your own in either straight or curved lines. Thereby effectively overcoming the bulky weakness of the treadmill.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a treadmill that is hidden behind curtains? No one would know you’re using this machine, and when the time comes for exercise, just swing them open!

Build a Wall

Are you enclosing your treadmill? Sometimes all you need is a little imagination to get the job done. 

Build a Wall

If you have no option left, why not construct a whole bookshelf for decorating and use the space between it and the wall? The wall higher than the bookcase’s top will create depth for you to hang some decorations.

You may create a thin wall and decorate it. Use the hollow space inside to store the treadmill, then have the outer layer decorated. Perhaps you could even use finished broad shelves as the area’s topper! If there is enough space between, let’s add another feature. A minifridge with some beverage glasses will be ideal for a luxury room.

Convert An Underutilized Space

A basement or attic is ideal for storing goods that would otherwise take up valuable room in your home, such as workout equipment. Instead of keeping the treadmill out where others may see or use it without permission (perhaps), try storing it in this location!

Convert An Underutilized Space

You may have never thought of using your loft as an exercise room, but it’s actually a great idea! With the right equipment, you can use your creativity to utilize this space to exercise.

Before using this room for workouts, it’s important to make sure your attic has no obstacles blocking airflow and cleanliness of air pollution levels (i.e. dirt)!

Hide Your Treadmill in Plain Sight

There are so many ways to make exercise seem less daunting. One of the best options is trying to draw attention out of the treadmill. You can achieve this by making the surroundings eye-catching enough.

Let’s look at your treadmill first. Its footprint is thin and low, then comes the large gap between it and the handlebars. Then finally, the highest part is the interactive display screen. You can use beautiful artwork to draw attention out of the treadmill. Or you can consider the treadmill’s color, then cover the wall with the same color, so the machine will blend in. It is easy to do and creates outstanding results.

Interior designers also advised that the walls be painted the same color as the machine. It will take on the appearance of a chameleon and blend in. Homemakers may position a colorful potted plant to overwhelm the one-color treadmill. 

Is it OK to have a treadmill upstairs?

Many individuals are concerned about their safety when jogging a treadmill on the second level of their home or apartment. Still, you don’t need to because the typical weight of most treadmills is between 250-300 lbs. Thus, even if a 200+ individual is working out on it, the floor can still bear the total weight.

How can I hide my treadmill in my living room?

For those who do not want to lose the décor of their living room, we propose utilizing curtains. You can even extend them to the window area of the wall next to it to create a private space for your treadmill.


Hiding a treadmill doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many ways for you to incorporate one into your home decor without anyone noticing. These range from using a decorative folding screen, modifying a hall closet into a cupboard for the machine, to placing it upstairs if that’s what works best for your space. 

We hope our post on how to hide a treadmill in a room has assisted you in organizing your house. Which methods did you find work well? Let us know!

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