All About Advantages And Disadvantages Of Treadmill Use For Exercise

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape without spending time and money on gym memberships, then there’s no better option than the treadmill. It’s an affordable home workout machine that can provide cardiovascular benefits and help improve your muscle tone.

However, treadmills are not perfect. They have their drawbacks too, so it is important to know both sides of the coin. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of treadmill use for exercise you should know before making any purchase decision.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Treadmill Use For Exercise 

Treadmills are a great way to get exercise, but they can also be dangerous. They’re not for everyone, and there are advantages and disadvantages to treadmill use. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s right for you. 


The advantages of a treadmill for exercise are endless. Let’s dig into the below part for more details!

I. Health Improvement In Many Aspects

1. Reduce Lower Back Pain And Pain In The Backbone

Treadmill workouts are a great way to work your lower back and backbone while also reducing calories. In an hour of running it, you can burn 800 additional calories!

2. Increase The Oxygen Efficiency

Oxygen is what makes up for all bodily functions- from breathing to cell growth. Working out on this machine also increases the oxygen efficiency in your body. If you want a more relaxed workout, walking or jogging is an option instead of running.

3. Beneficial For Diabetic Patients

It’s advisable for diabetic patients to use this machine to stay active and keep their blood sugar levels under control. If you’re not into walking or running, these machines will provide the motivation you need! Anecdotal reports show those who use treadmills have less chance of developing complications due to diabetes.

4. Beneficial For Heart

Treadmills are a great way to keep your heart healthy and strong. They’re also safe for people who suffer from Cardiac issues like high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. That’s because they’ll increase circulation throughout the body while decreasing those pesky symptoms! 

5. Beneficial For Body Exercise

The treadmill is a great way to get in shape. Many people can use it, there is no limitation on how many people shoule be using it! You will work out faster than with other exercises at home because this equipment makes sure every step counts toward burning calories.


II. An Easy Exercise For Anyone At Any Level

1. Same Difficulty Level

It’s a common misconception that running on an incline is more difficult than going at a flat level. In fact, research has shown just the opposite to be true. Setting your treadmill up for 1% slopes reflects outdoor terrain and will have you burning calories just as efficiently while indoors!

2. Easier On Your Joints

The treadmill belt is a much smoother ride than running on hard pavement or cement. The cushioned surface can reduce impact to your joints and body as a whole, which makes it easier for you if you’re coming back from an injury

3. Easy Exercise Equipment

You can keep track of your fitness and lose weight faster than other forms of home exercise. It allows people who don’t have the time or money for personal trainers. It’s much easier than running on pavement, curbs, or trails because you can plan your route. 

III. Many Convenience Included

1. Progress Tracking

Many fitness enthusiasts favor this equipment because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require much space. It also helps track your progress and digitally monitors the distance or time of usage with many other aspects.

2. Helpful Custom Preset Programs

Not only can you design custom programs for yourself, but there are so many treadmills with special features like step counters or heart rate monitors. These peculiarities make fitness tracking much more convenient!

3. Workout Control Settings

You can control your workout’s details like speed, tilt, and more, with just a few clicks on your treadmill!

4. Available For Multiple Users

If you have health issues relating to heart or diabetes, it might be worth considering buying yourself one of these treadmills. Also, you can have as many people using it as you want and still don’t need any adjustment in structure.

IV. Available Services For Your Desire

1. Simulate Race Environments

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the features of a treadmill. You can create your course profile and simulate any terrain or conditions. 

Running on a treadmill will help you avoid external factors that can prevent you from exercising. These can be bad temperatures or weather that you might face running outside.

2. Improve Your Living Standard And Lifestyle

Walking on this machine can improve your living standard and lifestyle by making you fit and healthy. It helps maintain strong bones while also improving the muscular strength of your body structure!

Improve Your Living Standard And Lifestyle


Apart from the above outstanding benefits, the treadmill also has some drawbacks, as shown below!

I. Expensive Equipment

Its prices vary depending on the model and size. Some models can be as expensive as $500! It might not fit your budget to buy this equipment at home. 

II. Computerized Programs

A treadmill is a machine that requires professional maintenance. It can be hard for some people to keep up with the care and cleaning of it. Computerized systems and loud motorized programs are not user-friendly, making the experience less enjoyable. 

III. Space-Taking

When you bring such equipment into your home, it’s important to consider the space needed for this large piece. It might cover 36 inches wide and 72 long, which means there is no room left on top of furniture or underneath them against walls. 


IV. Limited Exercise

A treadmill is not the most exciting form of exercise for some people. It can be boring. You could only do limited exercises on this machine. Other forms like jogging or hiking provide more diverse choices than training with treadmills. Or you can try to read some book during your walking to make time go faster.

V. Agility Lost

Treadmills can never be as good for building strength and agility. They might provide your joints with more cushion, but they don’t give you the added benefit of running on uneven terrain or pavement. Even if it feels like flat ground outside there’s never truly something for feet and legs muscles to adapt to like in real-life situations.

VI. You Don’t Work As Many Muscles

While running outside, your hamstring muscles are responsible for the final push in finishing each stride cycle. But on a treadmill, this is done by an electric belt that provides propulsion and helps you run.

running outside

What To Check Before Purchasing A Treadmill? 

Testing out the different features of various models is important when you’re looking for a treadmill. Some considerations include:

  • The motor power: Many treadmill models have a continuous power rating, usually from 1.5 to 3. This means that they are generally smoother and quieter than others.
  • Usage purpose: A treadmill is a great choice for beginning light exercise enthusiasts, but it can get boring after a while. 
  • The running surface area: To avoid falling and tripping, you should ensure your treadmill is long enough for a typical stride.
  • Cushioning quality: It should absorb enough shock to reduce joint impact, but not so much that it feels unsteady.
  • Controls are simple to operate, interpret, and program, whether electronic or manual.
  • The noise level is acceptable when in running or walking mode.
  • Stability and workmanship are well-qualified. 

Check Before Purchasing A Treadmill


Treadmills are a great way to get in shape and stay healthy without a doubt. They also have certain drawbacks, but their benefits seem to make a clean sweep of all these cons. You can refer to the insight advantages and disadvantages of treadmill use for exercise above for more detail. 

After deciding if a treadmill will work for your lifestyle, it’s time to find out which model best suits your needs and budget!

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