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The all in one solution for your gym or fitness club

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Make every step of your customer journey count!

Vint helps you manage scheduling, bookings, and other daily tasks while giving your customer a social and fun experience.
 The result? Less administration, one tool instead of several, and more importantly - increased retention and growth.

Vint mobile app

Reach and grow your member base with Vint

  • Manage on the go

    Manage your schedule and members. Handle bookings, create marketing campaigns, send emails and in-app messages. All in one intuitive interface.

  • Build community

    Give your customers a social and fun experience. Build a tribe of loyal members and grow your business.

  • Boost your marketing

    Set up smart referral programs in a matter of seconds and use your best clients as evangelists to promote your business.

Build a thriving community around your business

Community and family feel eliminates big parts of the intimidation barrier. Vint allows you to create a digital community around your business and build loyalty through social interactions, instant messaging and social feed. Make your clients join for the workout, stay for the tribe.

What you get
Tailored app

Tailored mobile apps with your own brand, colors & style

We develop your own branded mobile app - ready to launch in Google Play- and App Store. Fully customizable with your on unique style, colors, and branding.

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