Can You Walk On Treadmill With Socks? Everything You Need To Know

When the weather isn’t suitable for running outside, a treadmill appears to be a good alternative. Many people are adopting a new style of jogging on a treadmill without shoes and only socks. But can you walk on a treadmill with socks?

Yes, you certainly can. Jogging without shoes and only socks is a fantastic solution to enhance your muscles.

Besides, this approach offers some other benefits, such as providing smooth running, better balance, and safeguarding from blisters.

This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of jogging on a treadmill with socks on. Let’s read on to discover!

Benefits Of Walking On The Treadmill With Socks 

Running with socks can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. The following sections go through each one in detail. 

Muscle buildup

Your feet strike the ground frequently as you move with socks on. As a result, your muscles have to work even harder and will reach their limits. Running with socks also activates and stretches your tendons, calf muscles, and other leg ligaments.

When you jog on a treadmill with the socks, you may increase muscular strength without putting stress on the joints.

As a result, you will avoid hurting or injuring your muscles.

Smooth running

Using a treadmill for a workout means running in a limited space that is continuously moving. If you miss the beat, you may fall.

It’s also simple to fall on the balls of the foot or midsole rather than the heel when you’re not running with shoes, shortening the strides with a gentle landing.

Running then minimizes the impact on your heel while offering an effective and continuous workout.

Shock absorption is good in the front of the foot arches. As a result, you can strengthen your stamina and endurance. 

Furthermore, by consuming less oxygen, your impulses and strength will significantly enhance.

Practicing in socks promotes smooth running

Practicing in socks promotes smooth running.

Better balance

You become more conscious of your balance and maintain it appropriately when your feet continually contact the treadmill belt

Thanks to direct contact, the treadmill fits and supports your feet as well as your body, allowing you to carry your body weight and move your legs effortlessly.

Safeguarding from blisters

When jogging on a treadmill, the soft socks that surround your feet act as a protective coating. Blisters may occur if you walk barefoot on the walking machine for an extended period of time. 

Walking with socks on can minimize the chance of blister concerns since they protect your feet.

Furthermore, if you jog on the treadmill for a longer time, it might become hot, which can be pretty unpleasant if you wear shoes or are barefoot. 

A sock can effectively protect you from the pain of running on a hot treadmill. As a result, you’ll be able to keep your speed.

If you are still seeking the best socks for your training, this video can help.

Practicing in socks promotes smooth running

Jogging with socks offers some benefits 

Challenges Of Walking With Socks 

Aside from the apparent benefits, runners may face some challenges.


Your feet give you natural traction. Socks, on the other hand, will not give you the same level of traction. They can smother your feet. The sock fabric may cause your feet to sweat, which is irritating.

You can easily fall off the machine since they don’t give any grip. Furthermore, socks are unable to resist the treadmill’s load. They can be more prone to developing tears or holes, which is uncomfortable.

Wear and tear

Wearing socks for jogging on the treadmill brings a severe problem. The socks may wear out and become damaged, subjecting your feet to the running belt.

Abrasions can form on the open part of your foot. Also, it might obstruct your movement and lead you to fall off the machine, which is quite dangerous because serious accidents may happen.

Structure of the treadmill

On a treadmill, the belt pulls you inside, letting your feet feel the brunt of the force. Although the running machine is more prepared to maintain grip and friction, having your shoes off eliminates the main protective coating.

Additionally, the treadmill has limited space. It would be best if you reduced your strides to fit in, which might be bothersome.


You exercise to strengthen your muscles. However, overstraining your muscles can be dangerous.

Jogging on the treadmill with only socks on adds to the tension on the soles of your feet. As a result, the tendons and muscles will be strained and tight, although you are not lifting your heel much. 

Due to this problem, you’ll be more vulnerable to medical issues, including tendonitis and leg tendonitis.

Moreover, the treadmill gets hot and toasty, making it irritating and causing your feet to sweat. You may slip more frequently.

Jogging with socks offers some benefits

Running without shoes comes with some challenges 

Can You Wear Multi Layers Of Socks?

Technically, wearing multi-layers of socks on the treadmill shares almost everything in common with wearing only one sock. They also help to strengthen your muscles as well as achieve smooth running. 

The difference is that you have to deal with the interaction of these layers with each other. They may slide against one another, causing slipping. 

Moreover, adding too many layers on your foot sole will prevent it from feeling the running belt. As a result, your workout turns out to be more challenging. 

Can You Walk Barefoot? 

Jogging on a treadmill barefoot has equal benefits and drawbacks as jogging on the machine with socks.

It is beneficial in that it trains your muscles and promotes your balance. However, because the foot soles are so sensitive, this method can do considerably more harm. Blisters and abrasions are potential risks.

The disadvantages happen when you overburden your tendons and calf muscles, which can be hazardous. You might lose your balance, slide, and suffer serious injuries.

While socks can break or wear off, foot friction causes blisters on the feet. They can disrupt your training.

Practice with barefoot

The Bottom Line: Can You Walk On Treadmill With Socks?

Jogging when only wearing socks can bring the joggers some benefits. They have a better chance of building up their muscles while still maintaining a good balance.

However, they will face challenges. There would be some risks of blisters and slipping as a result.

If you want to practice with socks, remember to start gently, then speed up later. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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