Does an Elliptical Work Your Whole Body? 8 Effective Elliptical Workouts

Elliptical exercise is very beneficial. It is especially suitable for people who want to burn calories and improve their heart health.

You can set up and use the machines quickly and easily at the gym or at home, even if you’re a beginner. They have a positive effect on weight loss. 

So, does an elliptical work your whole body? Through this article, Vint will provide you with the exact answer.

Let’s get find out the elliptical works what part of body!

Does an Elliptical Work Your Whole Body?

This machine will work on your whole body

This machine will work on your whole body. 

The answer is yes. It’s an effective way to strengthen your thighs, glutes, hip flexors, and both upper and lower body and improve your endurance.

When it comes to elliptical training, your knees aren’t the only thing that has to work. Instead, it also impacts your heart.

Jump onto a model with movable handles that allow you to move your upper body. Specifically, pushing on the handle will help your chest active more, while pulling on the handle will focus mainly on your back.

Otherwise, skipping these handles will allow you to focus more on the core muscles, which keep the body aligned and balanced. So just place your hands on your hips, and maintain the movement as steady and smooth as possible.

According to professional trainers, training with this machine can bring similar to cardio exercises, such as running and walking,

The most significant difference is how this fitness machine targets your body.

When running and walking, your lower body will work a lot. Meanwhile, elliptical training will force your upper and lower body to work. It usually targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, anterior tibialis, and calves.

Maintain Correct Posture When Exercising

Correct posture is essential

Correct posture is essential. 

The benefits you receive from ellipticals depend mainly on your proper form.

It is wise to tense your abdominals to boost your workout sessions. Additionally, we recommend avoiding bobbing up and down on this machine and keeping your posture straight and upright.

With the proper posture, you can improve the efficiency of your exercise sessions and avoid the risk of injury, including cramps.

8 Effective Workouts With Ellipticals

 Effective workouts with ellipticals

 Effective workouts with ellipticals.

Whether you’re inexperienced and looking to challenge various muscle groups or looking for HIIT workouts, the elliptical will work for you.

You might even find one option for treadmill lovers!

Core Workout 

Suppose you want to focus on core muscles when on ellipticals. Just do not use the handles of your machine. That way, all of the core muscles will work more challenging to help you stay more balanced on your device. 

The faster the user moves, the more user’s core muscles will work.

Just Like Treadmills

Sometimes, using a treadmill at the gym is impossible because you go there during rush hour. So, you can consider elliptical as a perfect alternative.

If you want to feel that you are on a treadmill, you should hold onto the elliptical handles and keep your arms in a running position.

Booty Workout

If your goal is to aim for the hamstrings and glutes, you should play with the elliptical’s incline. This workout will allow you to tone the backside while getting a great cardio workout.

Alternatively, you can also give the backside a great workout by keeping your heels down while you are on this machine.

Total Body

The half-hour workout with this machine should target your whole body. Also, it helps increase your heart rate.

Shorter Intervals 

This way refers to pushing the interval envelope and decreasing the amount of rest time between sprinting bouts. So, you can push the anaerobic threshold and strengthen the cardiovascular system by shortening the recovery time.

Shorter on Time 

If you are busy and cannot spend much time exercising, it is okay to apply the short interval workout with this machine.

Getting short and effective workouts will only take 22 minutes (warmup & cooldown included). Applying quick intervals will make your workout intense, so it is also suitable for burning fat and calories.


This way is perfect for you when you have half an hour to spare. It is the best method to gain the best result for what you are doing with your fitness device.


Whether you are new to this fitness device or exercising with this machine, it is alright to apply this elliptical workout. 

This way refers to using all features of your fitness machine, giving you some good ideas of things it should do. For example, you can pedal forward to focus on your quads while going back to target the booty and hamstrings.

Alternatively, you can push the machine’s handles to get your chest working while pulling these handles to work with the upper back.

Besides, you can also release these handles to challenge the core muscles’ stability while keeping the pace steady. 


What Are the Benefits of Workout With Elliptical?

  • Boost your cardio capacity and stamina
  • Burn a lot of calories
  • Burn calories and body fat
  • Put less stress on your joints
  • Target specific leg muscles
  • Serve as both a lower and upper body workout
  • Maintain fitness after injury
  • Improve your balance
  • Offer various options
  • Easy to use

Treadmills vs. Ellipticals: Which Are Better for Arthritic Knees?

There’re pros and cons to both fitness machines. So it is wise to test each machine and see how your body responds.

The Bottom Line

Ellipticals are preferred by many people, including both men and women. They are suitable for those who are traumatized or within a year of giving birth.

If used correctly, it will help you burn calories and fat effectively, allowing you to get in shape. We hope you reach your goal soon. Thank you for reading! 

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