Are Ellipticals Good For Seniors? All You Need To Know

Using tools and exercise machines for seniors is an effective and safe solution for health. Are ellipticals good for seniors?

As we all age, physical health naturally declines. This decline tends to happen more quickly in older adults who are not physically active.

Exercise is so important compared to seniors and older adults. But it’s not always convenient to get to the gym. So, having indoor exercise equipment is a great way to protect your regular workout. 

So, the elliptical machine has been considered by many people, and wondered if it is suitable for the seniors?

Ellipticals are easy to use

Ellipticals are easy to use

Are Ellipticals Good For Seniors? 

The answer is yes. Ellipticals are safe and can be used with light exercises, making this a perfect treadmill for seniors. 

Exercises with Ellipticals help seniors practice to improve bone and joint problems in the legs and buttocks, minimize pain and strengthen flexibility for muscles and bones to work more effectively.

While exercise benefits everyone, older people need to work their heart rate and muscles. Appropriate training can slow age-related diseases such as weakness, osteoporosis, and dementia.

In addition, it reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease and the risk of falls. But training doesn’t have to mean push-ups and marathons, simple movements like walking on the ellipticals can be enough for the day.

The elliptical machine is a stationary and tightening exercise machine used to train the frame’s upper body and lower body. 

Usually, they are designed in a way that works together with the hands and feet.

The elliptical machine is a knee-friendly choice thanks to its low impact. It can combine strength and cardio simultaneously, which is very suitable for seniors.

  • Safe when using;
  • Placing Ellipticals at home will not waste travel time, preventing factors such as weather, accidents, vehicles, and polluted environment. Working out at home is very safe.
  • In addition, the safety issue on Ellipticals is also put on top by the manufacturer by equipping a safe magnetic locking system. 

The safety lock will cut off the power immediately if any problem poses a danger to the seniors.

Diverse Exercise System

Ellipticals are safer for the seniors

Ellipticals are safer for the seniors

In addition to the basic walking and jogging exercises, the multi-function treadmill also supports weightlifting exercises, relaxing massage, relaxing massage for pain relief, abdominal crunches, waist rotating discs, etc. 

So, the seniors have exercise options to help improve efficiency but be gentle.

Many Modern Features

The current Ellipticals models also support many attractive entertainment features. The exercise will no longer be boring thanks to the function of wifi connection to watch the news and BlueTooth mode to listen to music.

The modern touch screen of the device also clearly displays the parameters of heart rate, calories burned, time and distance, and exercise speed. 

The seniors will know their strengths and adjust their exercise regimen to suit their physical condition.

Good Protection For Joints

Training on Ellipticals is an outstanding advantage to help overcome the disadvantage of running too challenging terrain that damages bones and joints. 

It is a concern for seniors when the musculoskeletal system is weak, vulnerable, and painful. Besides, Ellipticals footbeds are usually made from soft rubber, high-quality, high-friction materials for maximum stride protection.

Exercising on Ellipticals is a safe way to improve health and ensure that your joints are not injured.

Advantages Of Ellipticals Suitable For Seniors

Here are some advantages of Ellipticals that older adults can consider:

Exercise improves health

Exercise improves health

Improve Balance, Prevent Falls

Today’s ellipticals are all designed with a safety lock to help the machine stop when there is an unexpected incident for the practitioner, such as a slip or fall or signs of health, and minimize unwanted injury unintentionally. 

The built-in male foot buckle helps them automatically suck on your clothes when starting the machine.

Increase Endurance

Ellipticals are designed to suit yourself and your family, with speed parameters that can be flexibly changed from 0.5 – 15 km/h, making exercise flexible for seniors, children, and adults. 

Therefore, seniors can change their speed flexibly to suit themselves.

Features A Handle For Extra Stability

For seniors, the ability to keep balance is no longer good; choosing Ellipticals is suitable to increase stability and safety.

Burn Calories

If the goal of buying Ellipticals is to burn fat, the combination of distance, incline, and training time parameters will bring outstanding results.

The weighted index, health status, and calories consumed will help monitor the body’s condition, thereby taking measures to exercise, reduce fat and help toned muscles, health is significantly increased.

Improve The Cardiovascular And Respiratory Systems

Ellipticals have a modern LCD system 

Ellipticals have a modern LCD system 

Targeting fat loss and improving health but measuring heart rate and calories is also a great benefit that Ellipticals brings.

Depending on the signal parameters on the machine, the seniors can self-manage, arrange the route and exercise speed, and limit the unfortunate complications for people with a history of heart disease or over-exercise.

Regular jogging also helps seniors reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Proper jogging also helps raise blood pressure, increase good cholesterol, and improve blood sugar levels.

When jogging, blood flows to the heart, and the heart pumps blood to the body, causing the organs to work hard. 

The rhythmic combination of breathing and running will help prevent cardiovascular disease in seniors.

Seniors suffering from cardiovascular disease should coordinate harmoniously between a scientific jogging schedule, a healthy diet, and strict drug treatment.

Thanks to that, the treatment results will be buoyant after a short time.

Create A New Day Of Joy

Practicing with Ellipticals for about 15 minutes in the morning will give the seniors a healthy body and a reasonable timetable. Their biological clock will become more scientific. Memory also improved significantly.

Exercising in the morning also gives them fresh air and stimulates the body to release energy-enhancing hormones. They will have abundant energy, excited to enter the new day.

Helps Strengthen Bones And Joints

When using Ellipticals, the metabolism and circulation of nutrients will be improved. Muscles and ligaments will be more supple and have better bearing. Keeping balance is also improved better, and the spine is stronger.

Improve Immune System

Seniors jogging on the machine will stimulate the immune system. It is a shield that helps keep your health well protected against bacteria and viruses that cause disease.


Regular exercise on the treadmill will give you many positive mental and physical benefits. This habit will help you live longer and improve life expectancy.

Save Time And Money

Users do not need to invest too much money and time to go to a fitness center. For the seniors, a home Ellipticals, a good pair of athletic shoes, and comfortable clothing are ideal for strength training.

Preparation Before Using The Ellipticals

Here are some things that seniors need to prepare before getting started with Ellipticals:

Ellipticals help seniors better balance

Ellipticals help seniors better balance.

Choosing Training Shoes

The shoes that the seniors choose to walk in must first fit their feet. Secondly, the sole must have a certain elasticity and softness and provide support and protection for the arch and sole.

The best shoe soles have good anti-slip properties to protect foot health better and reduce the risk of falls for seniors.

Clothes That Fit Or Are A Bit Lost

In addition to shoes, clothes must be relatively spacious, absorb sweat, and not be tight when walking or exercising. 

At the same time, pay attention to adding or removing suitable clothes when the temperature changes.

Consult Your Doctor

Sports are good and valuable, but before starting classes, it is advisable to consult a doctor and pass general tests. 

Especially for seniors, people with underlying medical conditions should consult a doctor to consider whether they are suitable for this type of exercise.

Ellipticals User Manual

Elliptical variety of exercises

Elliptical variety of exercises

Here are three steps older adults need to prepare before, during, and after getting started with Ellipticals.

However, different machines will have different buttons and colors, here are our general guidelines for getting started with Ellipticals that can apply.


Seniors spend 10 minutes rotating the joints of the wrist, ankle, knee, hip, etc., to make the joints more flexible and ready for the walking exercise that has a significant impact on the joints. 

At the same time, press the leg straight, press the horizontal, squeeze the back… to stretch the thigh muscles, and calves ready for the intense exercise afterward.

  • Power Plugs for Ellipticals
  • Seniors are clinging to the handrails to step onto the Ellipticals slowly. Then, take the safety lock in the control panel and attach it to your pants or shirt
  • Start the machine: Press moderate force on the Ellipticals start button with medium pressure.

Start Practicing

Click the button to select the pre-installed program on the machine. Programs are programmed suitable for seniors, so the seniors are assured to use them.

  • We recommend that seniors, when starting, should walk for 5 minutes at a rate of 2km/h. 
  • Then, gradually increase to 3-4 km/h and go for 10 minutes.
  • Next is to increase to 6km/h and walk for the next 10 minutes. Then increase to 7-8 km/h.

End Of A Practice Session

To stop practicing, seniors gradually reduce their speed and avoid slowing down to 0 km/h or suddenly pressing ‘stop’. This shocks the body during high-intensity exercise and damages the life of the treadmill;

Notes When Using Ellipticals For Seniors

Ellipticals have a safety system

Ellipticals have a safety system

  1. Thoroughly warm up the whole body before exercise. It will help you quickly move on the machine, avoiding the risk of unwanted injuries.

For seniors, exercise primarily aims to help flexible limbs. Therefore, you should exercise on the machine at a moderately slow pace.

  1. The seniors should keep a standard posture, straight back, and avoid stretching the neck or stooping forward when practicing.

You must not carry objects to avoid being in the wrong position or dangerous if there is an accident.

  1. Wear comfortable, cool workout clothes, specialized running shoes, and sweat-absorbent towels to prevent water from falling on the device, reducing the machine’s life.
  2. You should stand in a position near the machine head and can cling to the handle when you first practice.

If you have gradually gotten used to it, the seniors should release their hands to achieve higher training efficiency.

  1. For seniors people with cardiovascular disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor before exercising on the treadmill.
  2. Wear the safety buckle carefully before exercising to minimize injury if any unfortunate incident occurs.


The elliptical exercise machine provides optimal freedom for low-impact joints. They can also offer a great calorie-burning workout.

With the significant effects that running exercises bring, the answer to the question “Are ellipticals good for seniors?” is yes. 

Start running today to improve your health and improve quality of life!

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