Does an Elliptical Work Your Glutes? 4 Tips to Improve Your Buttocks

The elliptical will offer varied and effective cardio workouts which don’t put too much pressure on your joints. 

You can adjust the intensity from light to intense. You can also simulate different motions, such as cross-country skiing and stair climbing.

The elliptical workout aims for your lower body to some degree. So, you might be wondering, “Does an elliptical work your glutes?”

Does an Elliptical Work Your Glutes?

This machine can work your butt

This machine can work your butt. 

Yes. Elliptical workouts allow you to increase muscle mass and strength in your butt. So your glutes will look slimmer. In addition, they also allow you to reduce excess fat effectively.

Elliptical can tone your glutes as these machines mainly target your lower body.

For example, each time you apply pressure downwards on the pedals, they will engage your hamstrings and glutes. Therefore, performing it consistently can help you tighten and grow your glutes.

Your gluteus will involve all movements when you move your legs away from your body, including adduction, rotation, and hip movement.

When exercising with ellipticals, these muscles would be activated when you straighten the leg before moving it back behind you.

How to Use Elliptical for Glutes

We helped you answer, “Does an elliptical work your butt?” So it’s time to learn how to do it right.

Maintain Proper Posture

Let’s start by pedaling with the back straight shoulders down, and contracting your abdominal muscles. This posture will ensure that your back does not significantly support your whole body weight.

Instead, your butt will support most of your body’s force, causing your glutes to support more weight, allowing them to become toned quickly.

In addition, keeping the correct posture also helps you avoid back injury.

Exercise Smarter

It’s not wise to squeeze yourself out while exercising for hours on this fitness machine, as it will not help you reach your goals faster.

Experts recommended that it be wise to use ellipticals for up to one hour per day, and half an hour daily is also great. Also, try to maintain at least three sessions per week to get the best results.

On the other hand, your body will not get used to one motion, thanks to diversifying your routine.

Raise The Resistance 

By applying resistance, your buttocks and thighs will have to push harder to perform the t-motion of the machine. So increasing resistance will make your buttocks work significantly more.

Press through Heels

Pressing on your heels instead of your toes will make your buttocks work more.

In addition, this allows you to reduce pressure on your knee, helping you avoid straining your joints, which leads to injury, and muscle cramps.

How To Raise the Weight on Your Butt?

Increase your buttocks with some tips

Increase your buttocks with some tips. 

If doing with ellipticals doesn’t meet your needs, you can try these three strategies:

Try a quarter squat:  Your butt has to support more weight when pushing your hips back and bending your knees. So your buttocks will against more force to become stronger.

Squeeze: You can create more resistance by keeping your butt squeezed for most workout time. So, you will increase the force applied to your buttocks.

Put in a weighted vest

Thanks to using this vest, your butt, and legs must move a more significant weight, and it will not put any pressure on your back. So, it will help you increase your butt and leg muscles.


So, do ellipticals work glute? Yes, they can. These fitness machines are very effective in strengthening the lower body, especially your butt.

Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

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