How Elliptical Machine Works? Interesting Things You Should Know

Are you planning on purchasing an elliptical to exercise at home? If it is the case, you may wonder how elliptical machine works

This post shines more light on the operation, types, and uses of the machine to help ease your purchase decision. 

What Is An Elliptical Machine?

The ellipticals are the exercise machines used to perform various body movements like climbing, running, and walking. Like the other common machines like treadmills, ellipticals are stationary.

The device helps reduce the pressure on your joints and muscles to lower the risks of injuries. The first elliptical trainer was manufactured and introduced in 1980.

Ellipticals are common in many household and fitness clubs, with the price ranging from $200 to more than $4000. 

Types Of Elliptical Machines

Some models with electrical systems and consoles require electricity to operate, while the majority can be self-powered via the user’s motions. There are three main types of elliptical: rear-drive (the oldest), front-drive, and center-drive. 

The old models are driven primarily by the motion of the legs and cannot be customized in resistance and pedal motion. Therefore they don’t provide excellent balance and coordination between the arms and legs. 

On higher-quality models, you get better options for adjusting the resistance and programs of the machine. They are suitable for people of all sizes and ages with reduced stress on body muscles and tendons. 

How does an elliptical machine work? Continue reading to find out!

How Does Elliptical Machine Works?

Training on the elliptical is a form of weight-bearing or cardio exercise that helps you burn calories and fat. The machine is driven mainly by your legs combined with the motion of the arms as an extra source of power. 

You have to hold the two front handles with your hands at a position below the shoulder and pull backward on the elliptical. At the same time, you can shuffle the feet on the pedals (like riding a bicycle).

The operation of the machine is the coordinated handle and pedal motions, which are driven by your arms and legs.

You can adjust the sloping level of the roller ramps to change the pedal-motion path. This feature allows users to shift more weight to a certain body muscle and burn more calories in this area. 

The resistance in the pedals and arms can also be adjusted according to your preference. You can preset a program with specific vary, stride levels, and resistance in the workout on high-end models. 

Many ellipticals can be driven in both directions (backward or forward). 

The Elliptical Handle

The Elliptical Handle

Facts About Elliptical Workouts

Similar to the other cardio exercises such as running, walking, and swimming, elliptical workouts help increase your heartbeat and burn calories faster. You may think that ellipticals are similar to treadmills, but it is not the case. 

While treadmills target mainly your legs, thighs, and lower body parts, working out on the ellipticals affects all areas of your body. On the machine, your legs move forward and backward in a circular motion like riding a bicycle. 

However, it also requires the work of your arms to perform the workout. As a result, your glutes, cores, adductors, and hamstrings are put to work and become more strong over time. 

In other words, elliptical workouts are a combination of running and cycling that requires all the quadriceps and core muscles to work. When performing the exercise, you will get in a healthy position with a straight back. 

The Pedals

The Pedals

How To Use The Elliptical?

If you are a beginner who has never used an elliptical before, follow these instructions carefully: 

Step 1: Get on the machine with your feet on the pedal and arms grasping the front handles. Your eyes should face the front console. 

Step 2: Start pedaling (like riding a bicycle) while pulling the handles with your arms. You will get used to it after a short time. 

Step 3: Adjust the resistance and preset a program using the device’s displays. You can skip this step for now if it is too complicated. 

Step 4: When you feel tired, slowly reduce the speed and motion until the device stops completely. Then carefully step off the machine. 

Before using the machines, remember to warm up shortly for one or two minutes. If you have previous injuries or special aches in the muscle, try to consult professional trainers to know if the exercise is safe. 

Read the owner’s manual carefully to customize the machine’s resistance level and set up specific programs that suit your conditions. 

For more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below. 

Final Thoughts

I hope that you have understood how elliptical works by now. It is a great device that helps us adopt a healthier living style and reduce weight effectively. 

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