Troubleshooting Proform Treadmill [Common Problems And How To Fix]

Having a treadmill helps you burn fat and engage in some regular exercise to have a healthy body. However, there are a few frequent issues that might arise during your machine’s lifetime.

This article will give you comprehensive guidance about troubleshooting Proform treadmill. Let’s read on to discover! 

Troubleshooting Proform Treadmill

Unpleasant issues you may encounter while using the Proform machine are mainly from the noise, motor, and incline features. 

Each problem results from different factors. Also, you can take some steps to stop and avoid the annoyance. 

Proform treadmill noise problem

It’s annoying when your ProForm machine suddenly starts generating loud noises, whether it’s vibrating, clunking, buzzing, or screeching. 

There are many moving parts on a motorized machine. These components can generate a variety of sounds if they get old or loose.


The noise may result from the belt or motor. 

Running belts need to be maintained regularly. The belt will grind if you don’t lube it and check the tension.

A variety of moving elements in your machine’s engine might cause noise if they are loose or broken. 

A motorized incline ramp is standard on most ProForm products. A clunking sound will occur if the inclination motor malfunctions or functions in an inconsistent manner.


It makes a big difference to keep your unit working quietly and smoothly if you maintain it carefully. Here are some tips for doing it:

  • Tighten all the bolts and nuts after each usage. You may notice an annoying rattling noise if they go loose. 
  • Check the pressure of your belt after using it. It would be best to clean it monthly. This maintenance prevents dust and dirt from gathering, which can lead to wear and tear.

You can remove the annoying noise from the machine

You can remove the annoying noise from the machine (Source: Youtube)

Proform treadmill motor problems

The motor is an essential part of the equipment. It handles all the machine’s functions. If this part breaks down, you will find it difficult to run the machine properly. 


Having motor problems on your machine that only works at maximum speed might be a considerable safety danger. 

Motor malfunctions might cause unpredictable speeds, the running belt to stop suddenly, or accelerations that are inconsistent with the settings on the treadmill. 

These motor problems might result from malfunctioning belts in the generator or mechanical components collapsing. There may be problems with the chip in the engine that controls the speed of the motor.


Motor problems may be expensive. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a method to fix them yourself. It’s difficult to diagnose the exact problem and acquire the exact components required.

Even if you can prepare the necessary components, you can’t repair the motor. This part is quite complicated and requires professional skills.   

It’s better to call a professional to inspect and rebuild any parts with a broken motor.

You may need to contact the expert to solve motor problems 

You may need to contact the expert to solve motor problems 

Proform treadmill incline issues

An inclination option is available on many treadmills. This function works under the management of mechanical gear. Even the most reliable mechanical systems fail over time. 


Examine the cabling from the inclination sensor to the power control board if the incline rises but does not perform correctly.

If everything seems to be in order, re-calibrate it. If not, the inclination sensor is malfunctioning.

If the inclination only lifts a little, the motor’s gearbox jamming might be an issue. You can try running the incline engine outside the machine. 

If the problem is about the jam, you need to reinstall the motor.


Different reasons lead to the incline problem. The only thing you can do is to calibrate it. 

To calibrate, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the speed buttons.
  • Attach the safety key. Then, your machine is in its calibration mode.
  • Press “Stop.”
  • Press the incline button to start the calibration. 
  • Please don’t stand on the equipment while it is calibrating. 
  • Wait until the machine stops completely.
  • Take the safety key out to escape the calibration mode. 

You can learn more about treadmill calibration via this video:

If your motor doesn’t need calibration, call an expert to detect the problem and fix it. 

Calibration is necessary for your treadmill

Calibration is necessary for your treadmill (source: youtube)

How To Reset A Proform Treadmill?

Your machine tracks the incline, duration, and speed of your workouts. You won’t be able to track your progress if the console stops functioning data correctly.

In this case, you need to reset your machine. The instructions are as follows:

  • Raise the equipment incline to 5% by pressing the incline up button on display.
  • Unplug the safety key. Without the key, the machine can’t operate. 
  • Remove the power source cord from its outlet.
  • Pull out the screws that support the engine on the chassis from behind the right and left extension legs to lift the machine uprights. Then, loosen the uprights.
  • To detach the running belt, unscrew three screws out of the front hood and bend them toward the belt.
  • Toggle the roller to the left of this machine until the magnet from the left side aligns with the red button.
  • Modify the reed switch to adjust the gap between the switch and the magnet. The ideal gap is 1/8 inch. 
  • Release the screw that holds the switch in place.
  • Replace the switch screw and secure it.
  • Reinstall the engine hood as well as the screws which hold the motor chassis in place. 
  • Descend the uprights.
  • Connect the power cord to the outlet.
  • Turn on the treadmill by inserting the safety key. 
  • Run the walking belt for a few minutes to ensure that you have rết the console and the speed reading is correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proform treadmill users have sent some questions about the machine. 

1. What is the average lifespan of a ProForm treadmill?

The average life span is roughly ten years. You may increase its longevity by properly maintaining it and lubricating the belt on a regular basis.

2. How can I tell if the motor is malfunctioning?

If the equipment shuts down, it might be due to an issue with the motor or a broken circuit. If your treadmill is slipping while you’re on it, it might need a simple repair.

3. How do I know when it’s time to lube the treadmill?

The general guide is that you may feel a somewhat waxy or greasy lubrication coating on the deck surface behind the running belt.

4. Does the treadmill use a lot of electricity?

Exercise machines are the most common machines at the gym, but they’re also the most energy-intensive. A treadmill consumes around 600 to 700 watts of electricity on average.

The Bottom Line

You may encounter Proform treadmill issues sometimes. If you have learned how to tackle the problems, your workout session will be more enjoyable and effective. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Don’t forget to share with us your experience with treadmills. Thanks for your interest in the article!

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