Nordictrack Treadmill Troubleshooting: Common Problems & How To Fix

Currently, the treadmill for home use is not too strange for modern life. Moreover, one machine that receives a lot of love and trust from customers is the Nordictrack brand treadmill.

Nordictrack can help you have a safe and effective workout regimen. However, in using it, you will encounter Nordictrack treadmill issues, and perhaps you need to know how to solve them. Now, let’s find out the following article right away!

Common Nordictrack Treadmill Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Nordictrack Treadmill Problems 

Common Nordictrack Treadmill Problems 

The treadmill helps burn calories significantly, and when you have a regular and stable exercise regimen, your cardiovascular health will also improve a lot

However, like other treadmills on the market, there are also many problems when used too continuously. Here are some common issues and troubleshooting steps that you should know about:

The screen is not displayed

Screen problem 

Screen button problem 

The first and relatively common problem is the error related to the machine interface screen error.

However, these errors are usually quite simple to fix, but there are many causes of machine interface errors. 

  • First, look at the control panel screen and check the length of the machine’s power cord. 
  • Sometimes the power cord can be too tangled, causing malfunction, or the cable is too old and the internal cores damaged. 
  • Unplug the power cord for 60 seconds and plug it back in or find an alternative to it.

Besides, maybe the magnet fell off the console, and you need to replace it. Also, many causes come from magnetic loaders or static development consoles. Your task is just to reboot the machine.

Variable running speed

Besides the Nordictrack screen not working, problems with the machine’s running speed are also quite common. Your treadmill may be running too fast or too slow, causing your workout to slow down.

The first way to fix that is to refer to the machine’s manual to reset the original standard speed. If the device can run at the recommended level, you don’t need to worry too much. 

However, if you have installed it, but the machine continues to have a variable speed, you should observe whether the wire is stuck or not. If it is stuck, your job is to call the experts to check the engine.

Malfunction of belt

If you are using the machine and the belt feels like it’s slipping, it’s possible that your belt is malfunctioning, and you need to adjust it. Usually, belts fall due to too much friction, and the belt is too tight, so lift it and change it again.

You just need to re-align the straps and hold them in place by tightening the belts. Also, to be more sure, lift it for the best effect.

Engine not working

Engine not workin

Engine not working 

Next is the Nordictrack treadmill motor problem. Usually, the machine motors will perform poorly, stop working, or the circuit fails.

The above issues happen because you continuously turn on the power at high speed, so please replace the circuit or motor. If necessary, consult a specialist.

Belt not running properly

Normally, when the friction is too strong on the belt, it will heat up and malfunction during engine operation. Then when the conflict reaches the maximum mode, the machine will automatically stop working. 

What you need to do right now is to use a special oil to lubricate it to reduce the friction between the base and the belt.

Burning smell appears

Last and probably the most serious is when your treadmill has a burning smell. At this point, the fastest action you need to do is turn off the treadmill immediately and unplug the cord from the electrical outlet.

Usually, the cause of the machine’s burning smell can be caused by a shortage in the wiring, motor, or electronic equipment.

Besides, the burning smell can be caused by friction between the deck and the back. In general, these problems are pretty severe, which can lead to the risk of fire and explosion, so repairing the machine immediately is what you should do.

In addition, this treadmill has some other significant flaws; click on the video below for details.

Maintenance Tips

To avoid Nordictrack incline not working, you need to know a few maintenance tips right away:


When used for too long, your exercise machine can collect a lot of sweat and affect your electronic devices. So make sure you use a soft cloth with the same amount of non-abrasive detergent to clean or wash the machine.

If your home does not have cleaning water, you can ultimately use clean water, but make sure you do not spray or pour washing water directly on the controller.

Fixed belt

To ensure safety during your training, you need to fix the machine’s belt to prevent slipping. Of course, the engine will not fail immediately if the belt is not centered and slippery, but it is best to center the walking belt.

Adjust the tension on the belt

As with other treadmills weight loss, you need to adjust your Nordictrack more often to ensure the machine’s tension.

If the walking belt is not tensioned correctly, you can use the manual to make the correct adjustments, which will help ensure that the belt won’t slip, stick, or move during your workout.


Finally, for the parts to not rub together, you need to lubricate regularly during the use of the machine. Besides, it would help if you also lubricated adequately. If the device does not lubricate properly, the engine will overheat and cause the machine to stop.

Before lubricating, you need to unplug the machine from the power source and remove the key from the console. Besides, if you don’t know which lubricant to use, you can consider Fitness brands. 


Some questions below will surely provide you with more helpful information:

Where can I get a replacement safety key for my treadmill?

Usually, each new product has a master key and a spare key. So you can get another key from your treadmill manufacturer.

However, another way to get your keys is to choose a multi-function key on Amazon or specialized sports stores, which is also a good idea.

Where can I buy lubricant for my treadmill?

 lubricant for my treadmill 

 Lubricant for my treadmill 

Before choosing lubricants for your treadmill, you need to read the user manual’s notes to select the most appropriate oil.

However, there are a few types of lubricants you can refer to as Fitness or ICON Health. Of course, the best lubricant should be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the walker.

How do I restart my treadmill?

Very simply, your start buttons will usually be right on the control panel of the machine. Of course, depending on the type of machine, there will be different ways of starting and the location of the start button. You can refer to the detailed instruction manual attached when buying the device.


Hopefully, the information provided in the article will help you better understand the NordicTrack treadmill troubleshooting. Also, expect to know more about Nordictrack treadmill maintenance tips. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment after this article. You will receive your answer soon. 

Thank you for reading!

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