Do Treadmills Have Fuses? How To Change Treadmill Fuse

Fuse is a device that plays a significant role in the operation of many different types of machinery. This detail controls the current passing through the entire system and immediately disconnects the power when an overload occurs.

Do treadmills have fuses? The answer is Yes. Without the fuse, the system would not withstand the effects of high voltage power. And, of course, the treadmill, a tool that helps you practice every day, is no exception.

The article will discuss fuses in treadmills, the method to change treadmill fuse, and some related content. Let’s read on to know more details!

Does A Treadmill Have A Fuse?

Does a treadmill have a fuse

Does a treadmill have a fuse?

The answer is definitely yes, and even fuses significantly influence the stable operation of treadmills.

A fuse is an intermediate element with two terminals. One end will receive the mains current from the source, while the other will connect to the primary circuit.

Inside each fuse will be a metal wire made of low-melting conductive material. This part is responsible for creating a bridge for electricity to pass through and a latch to prevent high-voltage currents.

Because the more robust the voltage, the higher the heat generated, and the wire will melt if it has to transmit such hot current.

At first glance, we often mistakenly think that the treadmill has a simple structure with the conveyor belt below to run and the control panel above.

However, the truth is not as you imagine; inside the machine are dozens of different parts to serve jobs such as creating slopes, tilting, or controlling conveyor speed.

The common feature of these parts is that they operate based on the connection of many internal electronic circuits. 

Although the microchips are pretty fragile, they have to be in direct contact with the electromagnetic source, leading to the risk of damage when there is a change in voltage. 

Therefore, we will need fuses to prevent unstable currents from passing and damaging sensitive parts.

How To Test A Fuse

How To Test A Fuse

How To Test A Fuse

We cannot observe the strength of the current with the naked eye but only guess through the operation of the machine. So, we will need to use specialized tools to manipulate it.

Things to prepare

  • Before conducting the test, you will have to prepare some tools, including screwdrivers, to open the screws scattered on the body. 
  • Next, we need a voltage meter, and you can easily find this tool in stores specializing in selling power tools.
  • Remember to switch back to the correct scale from before, not accidentally to affect the measurement accuracy. 

Finally, you should have a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions on hand for the location of the components inside the body.

  • If you have many years of experience, finding it will not be too difficult. However, if you have never tried it, it is best to follow the instructions strictly to avoid damaging the details of the treadmill.

Steps to take

  • To take the first measurement, you need to turn off the machine, unplug it and let the system rest for about 15 minutes.
  • Next is to remove all the screws that fix the machine’s outer shell to interfere with the internal circuit board.
  • Then look at the circuit instructions to determine where there are fuses to reach.
  • At this step, you will use a meter to measure the voltage flowing through the circuit. If there is current, the fuse is working correctly; if it is not, the fuse is damaged. 

For more details, you should watch the full video below: 

How To Change Treadmill Fuse

How to Change Treadmill Fuse

How to Change Treadmill Fuse

If you find any damaged fuses, you should see a way to replace them as soon as possible so that you can rest assured of using the machine. The early repair also minimizes the damage later due to the unstable operation of the device.

We have two options for replacing the fuse in the treadmill.

Professional electrician’s support

The first is to call a professional to assist, and this will be appropriate if the machine is still under warranty or you are not confident in your abilities.

Although it will cost a small fee, you can rest assured that the replacement process will be quick and safe.


On the other hand, if you decide to replace yourself, you will need to find out in advance about the type of fuse that the treadmill is using to find a suitable replacement.

To avoid possible fire and explosion, we must buy a new fuse with the same parameters as the damaged one. After selecting the right accessories, we will proceed to the replacement steps.

Implementation steps:

  • Like in the test stage, you need to disconnect the machine’s power cord from the source then let the device cool down for about 15 minutes.
  • Next, use a screwdriver to remove the protective screw. Although some modern machines may not need to remove screws, it is best to have a screwdriver ready to avoid falling into a passive position.
  • Once we have separated the shell from the outside, we need to find where the fuse is damaged, then remove it.

There will be different ways to remove the fuse depending on the system, so reading the manual is essential.

  • The last step of the whole process is closing the lid and tightening the screws to fix it. In addition, if you are still not sure, you can use a meter to check whether the current is smooth or not.


Why did my treadmill stop working?

There are many causes of problems that cause a treadmill to stop working. The most common of which are still system- and engine-related errors. 

For example, when the friction between the belt and the platform increases too high without enough lubricating oil to reduce it, the equipment will stop working immediately.

Damaged motor, burned fuse, and broken power cord are common errors when the machine does not run typically.

How many amps does a treadmill use?

Most of the popular treadmill models on sale today can be used reliably with your home’s electrical system.

To be more sure, you can check to see if the power outlet in your home can handle a load of more than 15 amps because this is the lowest value that the treadmill requires to maintain stable operation.

Does a treadmill need its circuit?

Treadmill needs its circuit

Treadmill needs its circuit

Having a separate electrical circuit will help your treadmill operate at maximum capacity and maintain stable performance throughout the operation. Therefore, equipping the device with its course is extremely necessary. 

However, you will need to prepare a circuit with a voltage of at least 20 amps to ensure that any device operation is problem-free.

The fuses are blown; how to fix it?

If the fuse blows, you need to turn off the appliance immediately. Then we need to determine the location of the blown a fuse and its type. 

Once that’s determined, you need to find a replacement part with the same specs as the damaged one and put it back in place. In some cases of extensive damage, you may need to replace both the fuse and the base below.


Do treadmills have fuses? The answer is Yes because fuses have major effects on the treadmill’s performance.

Through today’s article, we hope you know the role of fuses in the operation of treadmills; this knowledge will help you in your daily life. 

Thank you for following this post! 

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