What Are Common Treadmill Injuries And How To Avoid Them?

A treadmill for home use is an excellent way to exercise, especially for those who are busy in life. However, working out on a machine is different from on the road. You may injure yourself if you don’t notice the differences. 

Today, Vint will show you some common treadmill injuries. We also recommend some tips to avoid damage. 

Let’s join us and learn how to use the running machine correctly! 

Common Treadmill Injuries 

You will have the same problems as running outside. Besides, there are other issues that you only have to deal with when working out with a machine. 

Foot injuries

It should go without saying that one of the most frequent injuries that can arise as a result of jogging on a treadmill is a foot injury.

Some high-quality machines can deal well with the pressure of your feet contacting the running belt with each step. 

However, common foot issues such as plantar fasciitis, which causes severe pain in your heels and feet, may still happen.

Foot injury

Foot injury is the most common problem


Knee pain

The running belt is not as rough as an outside surface and absorbs the impact. Yet, knee discomfort is still common when using one.

Many outdoor joggers will sometimes endure knee discomfort, and running on a machine won’t help. 

When you exercise on an inclination, with poor posture, or with an abnormal stride form on the machine, you increase the chances of getting knee issues.

Hip pain

Following up on the previous point, if you practice on a running machine frequently, you might quickly experience hip discomfort. 

Jogging on an incline places a lot of strain on your hips, which may lead to a lot of pain and distress over time.

When utilizing a treadmill, you may get a hip injury if you don’t use an unusual stride pattern. Perhaps you are stretching your legs too much. 


You may come across videos of people falling off on the treadmill. They look funny, but the consequence is severe. 

Falls can lead to severe injury and even death. If you crash on the running belt, for example, a minor loss of attention may easily result in you slipping.

Heart issues

When you exercise at a higher intensity and force yourself to the max, you face the danger of developing heart problems.

Every year, several people go to the hospitals with chest problems after utilizing this machine. 

It is not unusual for someone to have a heart attack while running. Older users are definitely at a higher risk.

How To Avoid Getting Injured On A Treadmill? 

Workouts indoors are beneficial, so don’t let the risks hinder you from practicing. Here are some tips to avoid getting injured on the running machine. 

Use proper clothes

When most men go to the gym, they just put on an old shirt and track pants. These outfits can be comfortable but not suitable for the gym. 

When jogging on the treadmill, though, you must wear the appropriate clothing and footwear.

You don’t want to wear track pants that are too long and dangle over your shoes. It has the potential to result in a slip or a fall.

Ideally, you should be putting on a pair of comfortable sneakers that will cushion any pressure and assist you in avoiding ankle and knee issues.

Choose comfortable outfits to wear for your workout

Choose comfortable outfits to wear for your workout

Tie the laces

To avoid slipping, we always urge the kids to tie their shoelaces. It is just as essential to do so when utilizing a treadmill as an accident might quickly occur.

Before you get on the running machine, take a quick look down to ensure that you have tied your laces. 

It’s best to tighten the laces again, even if you’ve done it before. As a result, they don’t come loose while you’re running. 

Get on when the machine stops

Another thing to do before stepping on the machine is to double-check that it is indeed inactive. 

Although it is infrequent, some users forget to turn it off after they have finished their workout. 

It isn’t always easy to tell whether or not the running belt is working. As a result, always take extra caution before approaching the running track.

Only step on the machine when it is not working

Only step on the machine when it is not working

Check the safety key

A safety switch-off feature comes with every modern treadmill. In the case of an emergency, you can use it to turn off the equipment immediately. 

It’s advisable to tie the key to your pants. Alternatively, spot it before you step on the machine. Hence, if you slip off, you’ll know exactly where it is.

Use the handrails when necessary

If you’re running fast, you won’t be able to grasp the handrails. This action will cause you to run unusually.

However, if you’re walking and don’t feel confident going at a fast rate without hanging on to the rails, please do so to prevent losing balance and ending up falling over.

Don’t focus on your phone

When jogging on a treadmill, many people listen to music. You can’t blame this hobby because treadmill exercises can be dull if you don’t have anything else to entertain. 

However, you don’t want to get distracted by your phone during your workouts. Whether you’re listening to music or texting with your friends, it might take your attention away from your training and make you slip or fall.

Do not focus on your phone too much

Do not focus on your phone too much

Don’t talk to friends much

A lot of people go to the gym with a companion. This habit makes working out a lot more fun and less tedious.

While there’s nothing wrong with running with your friends, it’s not a great idea to chat with them while running. It will have an impact on your running style and might easily lead to accidents.

Don’t focus on the screen

Many commercial machines now include TV displays incorporated into the console, allowing you to watch TV shows while training. 

These features aren’t often an issue. The TVs are usually at your eye level and don’t need you to angle your head either upwards or downwards while you’re working out.

It’s the TV screens that are installed on the wall that might be a concern. They distract your focus from your training and cause head tilting, resulting in neck pain and even a fall.

Don’t take any fancy move

A treadmill is a piece of equipment made for running, jogging, and walking. It’s not a good idea to use for other kinds of exercise.

We’ve all seen amusing videos of people doing fancy dance steps or walking on the machine in high heels. 

Please remember that they are professional at the dance moves. If you just want to work out, don’t try to imitate them. Otherwise, you will suffer from injuries. 

Don’t change your running action

Practicing with the running machine might seem a little awkward for individuals who are used to running outside. 

Keeping your regular running posture, though, is still a wise option. Running with poor posture and overextending oneself with each stride can result in knee and hip issues.

Pay attention to your body

You can burn calories by running on the treadmill. You may accelerate the calorie-burning process by increasing the speed and inclination. 

Unfortunately, challenges are not always good. If you force yourself too much, you may find it hard to keep up the work. Then you’ll have a higher chance of slipping off. 

You may also wind up exerting too much stress on the body, which increases your chances of injury.

Do not push yourself too much

Do not push yourself too much

Warm-up properly

Warming up cold muscles improves blood flow and flexibility. As a result, it’s crucial to do so before placing them under pressure through exercise. 

It can help warm up by walking slowly for 5 to 10 minutes, then stretching and doing some motion exercises.

Muscles tense fast when exercise stops abruptly. So, cooling the muscles down is also an essential part of preventing injuries. 

It would help if you ran or walked at a slower rate for the last 10% to 15% of the time on the machine to cool down your muscles properly.

Here are some warm-up exercises you can try before every training session. 

Watch out for the incline

If you set the inclination during your workout, you may expect to flex your ankle excessively. The incline, therefore, can develop ankle discomfort and injuries. 

To avoid this problem, you should support your ankle properly with more training exercises, especially if you have weak ankles. 

Final Words

We use treadmills to strengthen our muscles and enhance our health. It’s meaningless if the machine injures us. 

The best way to avoid treadmill injuries is to warm up before a workout and focus on your training. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for taking the time to read the post! 

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