How To Burn The Most Calories On The Treadmill?

Losing weight with a treadmill is not a new method anymore, as many people have been using it to work out and lose their extra fat. Even though this method does work, you might not see the best results if you do it incorrectly.

So, how to burn the most calories on the treadmill? What might affect your hard work toward your body weight goal? In this blog, we will help you understand all of these things! Scroll down!

Why Does Treadmill Burn The Most Calories?

There is a big reason why treadmills are highly-used by those who want to lose their body fat. If you have ever tried to work out hard with this machine, you will know how effectively it works. Treadmills can burn the most calories, and here are the main reasons:

You Need Core Strength to Run Fast on a Treadmill

Many people get tired after a short time of running on a treadmill, and one of the reasons for this is that we need to have the core strength to work out with this machine. 

While there is core strength involved, your muscle will need to be engaging during the workout sessions, which means there will be more calories burned. 

This Machine Keeps Our Bodies Upright

While running fast on it, you need to keep your body upright to make the workout as effective as possible. As your body is straight and you are working out hard, calories will be burned much faster. 

The Speed Can Make A Big Difference

You will not achieve desired results if you only choose slow speed. When you increase the speed, you will need to work harder, and your muscles will have to be more engaging- you will be able to lose more weight. 

You Can Use Incline to Maximize the Calorie Burned

Another good thing to do is use the incline to reach your calorie-burning goal faster. While running, you can add a few minutes of using incline to maximize the fat and calories lost. 

Why Does Treadmill Burn The Most Calories

How To Burn The Most Calories on the Treadmill?

Here are some of the best ways to burn the most fat on this wonderful machine:

HIIT Workout

The first answer for you is HIIT training. Based on some research, working more intensely in a shorter time can burn more calories than working out less intensely in a long time. 

HIIT is a combination of extra intense exercise in a short time mixed with the rest between these intense sessions. 

For more details related to this subject, take a look at the treadmill HIIT workout

HIIT Workout

Adjust The Incline Level

Add some inclines into your exercise to make it more interesting and, more importantly – to burn more calories. You can always burn more fat when walking or running uphill compared to downhill, but we suggest you not do uphill alone. 

This mode of exercise is especially suitable for seniors who look for a moderate level of walking. Yet, keep in mind that you should not mode if you are having back issues ( or else, you possibly face a severe issue – low back pain!)

More information on incline level at benefits of incline walking.

Fat-Burning Zone

Working out in your “fat-burning zone” can help you to burn more fat. If you are new to this definition, let’s find out what your fat-burning zone is at!

People’s maximum heart rate is 220. Take this number and minus to your age. If you are 30, then your maximum heart rate will be:

 220 – 30 = 190. 

To find your fat-burning zone, you can take your max heart rate and multiply it to 70%. Your fat-fat burning zone will be:

190 x 70% = 133.

Now, you can wear a heart rate monitor and start to warm up your body, then work out until you reach this fat-burning zone. You can also ask a personal trainer for advice. You can read more about this topic here.

Fat-Burning Zone

Flex Your Exercise Routine 

Picking on a type of exercise and doing it repeatedly does not help you lose weight. Instead, you should mix different exercises and do it on the same day or different days. You can do many things from running, walking, lifting, yoga, etc. 

Switch Directions

Switch directions can be new to many people, as most of us go forward. However, some experts suggest that we can switch while running/walking sideways or backward to help us focus on the workout and engage more in the exercise. 

A good tip for you: You should start at a slow speed to avoid falling if you are not familiar with changing directions. 

Balanced Diet

Diet is also crucial. With a balanced diet, you can avoid excess calories intake and gain weight. 

Balanced Diet

Exercise Time

Working out within only a short period of time can not make too much difference. Instead, you should work out regularly and commit to a certain time of working out per day or per week. 

We suggest you train for around 20 minutes if you are aiming to cut fat on the machine! Meanwhile, 40 minutes will be the ideal time for low-mode walking

Set Specific Goal

Needless to say, doing the workout as a long-term duty seems to be a “punishment” to a lot of people who are aiming to get slimmer. If you are one of them, set a specific goal each day or week (for example: run on the machine about 45 mins a day to reduce 162 calories) to motivate yourself. 

Be Mindful of Your Posture

Keep in mind that you should always look straight ahead while walking on the machine to maintain a proper posture. With correct posture, you will be able to maintain your speed, prolong your endurance, build your strengths and avoid potential back pain. 

Minimize Rest Period

Apparently, resting is needed for energy restore and muscle recovery after each section of the exercise. You surely can not relentlessly move within a long period of time without rest. However, we suggest you try to cut down the number of resting times each day for the best result! 

Do not force yourself to cope with the intensity too quickly; spend time and allow your body to adapt. For example, you stop five times for resting today and aim to cut down that figure to 3 times in the following day.

Factors Affecting Treadmill Calorie Burn

Holding the Handle Bars While Running or Walking

Although it might feel easier if you hold the handlebars while exercising, this action might affect the effectiveness of your workout if you let your body engage less. 


The intensity of your exercise plays a crucial role in losing weight, as we already mentioned in the previous part. When you run slower and rest for a longer time, your workout sessions will not be as effective compared to running instantly, even in a shorter time. 

Holding the Handle Bars While Running


When you use the incline to run uphill, more energy will be burned than normal running or downhill. On average, you can lose around three calories or even five calories each minute with inclines. 


When you are moving your body, your muscles need to move your body with their strength. This is why people with more weight will burn more fat than people with less weight when they do the same workout, same intensity, same workout time, etc. 


When you walk or run faster, the intensity of the workout session will also increase, and therefore, you can cut down more fat. If you mix higher speed with longer exercising time, you can reach your body goal faster.


Healthy sex can help burn more calories for both men and women. Different body positions can differentiate the number of energy lost.


Younger people can lose weight faster than older people, as our metabolism slows down with time when we get older. 


1. How many pounds would I lose in a month using the treadmill?

If you regularly work out with treadmills, you can expect to lose up to 10 pounds each month. Besides exercising, a healthy diet is also important.

2. Can I lose fewer calories if I hold the handlebars?

The answer is no if you still try to let your body engage in the workout session. However, if you want to hold on to the bars to engage less in the exercise, you might burn less energy. 

3. What speed should I choose to lose more weight on a treadmill?

You can pick from 8 to 10 mph and run at least 15 minutes at this rate

4. Is it easy to burn up to 1000 calories with a treadmill? 

If you walk on your treadmill for around one hour, you can achieve that goal. 

Final Words

Although the treadmill is a good machine for losing fat, knowing how to burn the most calories on the treadmill properly can aid you in achieving your goal!

By following the methods and tips on this blog, we are confident that you will successfully get thinner in a short time. Also, do not forget that healthy rest and a balanced diet will help you reach your goal faster. 

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