What Is Treadmill Cushioning System And How Does It Work?

Treadmill padding is necessary to assist in relieving crushing stress on your joints and spine with each step.

A treadmill cushioning system significantly reduces the shock, allowing you to exercise longer and experience less weariness.

Today, Vint will give you comprehensive guidance about cushioned treadmills.

Let’s join us and learn how it works for your workout! 

How Does Cushioning Work? 

The running track of a treadmill is a multi-ply strap that runs over a 3/4 or 1-inch thick deck. The deck rests on elastomer flexible grommets on the metal frame. The elastomers are the main elements for treadmill cushioning.

Variable cushioning is the greatest design, and it’s available on many of the best machines for jogging. They have three sections: 

  • The impact zone is in the front deck. It’s where manufacturers place the soft rubber for optimal absorption and cushioning. 
  • The push-off section stays at the rear of the machine. This part offers more stable padding created by stiff rubber.
  • The transition area is in the middle. The section provides a moderate level of cushioning. 

What Makes The Best Cushioned Treadmill? 

Aside from size, price, and speed, there are a few more characteristics to explore while looking for the best cushioning.

Belt material

When it comes to comfort, the belt is the most significant component. As a result, be sure it comes from high-quality materials.

A treadmill for home use maybe your best option if you’re searching for a more economical model with good cushioning characteristics – but if you’re seeking optimum padding, consider it again.

The belt material influences the padding feature greatly

The belt material influences the padding feature greatly


On certain treadmills, the floor has ridges that distribute the pressure of jogging over a larger surface on the running belt. Hence, it does not harm joints.

The machine you’re thinking about won’t be appropriately cushioned if it’s plain and flat in certain spots.

Incline settings

While jogging or walking upwards, you are creating contact forces. When you set the treadmill incline to 0 degrees (flat surface), all forces will travel straight to the feet during your workout, potentially causing severe joint injury over time.

A 15% elevation for jogging on flat terrain and a 20% slope for people with limited mobility are two more alternatives.

Adjustable cushioning

Some treadmills, such as those made by ProForm and Horizon, include adjustable cushioning. This function lets you switch the cushions on or off based on your desires and some other conditions.

The only one-speed option is necessary for the best-toned machine for your desk, and it is “slow.”

Overstriding may lead to larger impact pressures traveling through the hips and lower back during running. There might be an issue if it is too fast.

Shock absorption

When looking for a running machine, shock absorption is one of the most crucial characteristics to check. 

Shock absorption refers to a cushioning layer used on certain treadmills that protects your feet from hitting the deck’s surface, preventing injuries and pain over time.

At least two-speed settings should be available on the best-cushioned machine: low for walking and high for running.

Suppose you can’t hear your breathing or talk while walking. Keep this rule in mind when choosing a speed setting.

If you can’t find the right one, alternative possibilities include running or walking on a 15% slope on a flat surface or a 20% incline for users with limited mobility.

Some manufacturers, such as ProForm, have adjustable cushioning, allowing you to adjust the cushions on and off as required.

Some treadmills come with a shock absorption feature

Some treadmills come with a shock absorption feature

Adjustable backrest

Some treadmills include an adjustable backrest that helps the user regulate how high the backrest rises as they sit.

How To Make Treadmill Shock Absorbing? 

There are two methods for cushioning a running machine from unpleasant shocks. Depending on your taste, you can employ shock absorbers such as pads or a shock absorption mat.

The shock absorber pad for treadmills is a soft, cushioned mat that covers the running area to absorb any shocks caused by uneven terrain.

An essential anti-slip mat is a sheet made of rubber and polyester. So, it remains put on slippery floors without sliding or slipping around while you work out.

You can easily find both of these items online by researching before the purchase date. There are some models in this video for your consideration.

You can add some materials for extra padding

You can add some materials for extra padding

Best Treadmills For Cushioning 

In general, the greater the cushioning, the more costly the machine. Many cells run the length of the deck and the belt on some versions, offering enhanced shock absorption and stability.

If you are looking for cushioned treadmills, you may want to consider these options:

Horizon 7.0

Horizon’s unique cushioning system focuses on the deck. It is dependent on how the runner lands and pulls off as they run. 

The first zone is near the front and provides a smooth landing. You then travel to the back of the machine to access the second zone. Your foot remains on the deck throughout this shift.

Nordictrack T Series

You progress through the series, the cushioning rises. The deck contains three cells, but the cheapest model only has two.

Nordictrack decks are famous for being absorbent and straightforward to use. FlexSelect appears to be a Nordictrack-developed technology that can’t be present anywhere else.

Sole TT8

The unique cushioning, according to Sole, decreases joint stress and contact concerns by 40%.

Since it is soft, the TT8 deck can make exercise easier for you. Hence, it will give you an excellent workout.

There are many options for you to choose from

There are many options for you to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about cushioned treadmills. 

1. What is an excellent treadmill?

A machine with shock absorbers will assist in reducing the impact when you jog, supporting your joints, and preventing injuries. 

It also allows joggers to get into their preferred training zones without suffering from slippery terrain accidents.

Electronic inclination controls are available on some machines, allowing users to modify their exercises. 

When they need to change the inclination levels, they don’t have to bother bending down and changing physical levers.

2. Do all treadmills have to cushion?

Most treadmills provide cushioning to protect users from injuries and offer more comfort for their workouts. 

3. Should treadmills bounce?

At the most basic level, you should look for a machine that feels comfortable to run or walk on.

You need to avoid treadmills with more bounce than proper padding, as bouncing reduces stability and increases harmful vertical motion to your steps. 

Final Words

Cushioning is a fantastic feature to consider. It aids in your workouts by reducing stress on your joints and providing more comfort during your running.

Besides, please don’t base your purchase only on it. Although some treadmills feature a superior deck design than others, they all let you work out without straining your muscles.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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