Is Your Nordictrack Screen Not Working? Troubleshoot Console Issues

The digital console, including a screen, is a critical part of a treadmill for home runs, and they are sometimes easy to break after some time usage. While a manual unit still works even when its screen doesn’t, an automated unit needs a workable console so users can read their settings, like treadmill incline, speed, and resistance.

Is your Nordictrack screen not working? Before spending unnecessary money hiring someone to fix it, ensure to read and try our “hacks”.

How To Troubleshoot Nordictrack Screen Not Working?

In most cases, you can fix this problem at home. Although the treadmill troubleshooting step may vary depending on the model you’re using, the ultimate process goes the same for every Nordictrack treadmill for home use.

No Power

Ensure your treadmill receive adequate power

Ensure your treadmill receive adequate power

If your screen doesn’t receive any power, you need to make sure you’ve already plugged your machine into a power source outlet first.

After that, check if you’ve inserted the magnetic key into the treadmill’s console. Remember that Nordictrack machines will not run without the key for the sake of safety.

Once you ensure that the key stands at the right slot, pull and reinsert the key to check if this step fixes the issue.

If not, you should check if your outlet is workable by plugging something into it. If it’s still working correctly, move to the treadmill’s front and find the reset button beside the power cord.

Should the button be tripped, wait a few minutes and switch it back to perform a treadmill reset.

Lastly, ensure that you don’t plug your machine into a GFCI outlet. According to the user manual, manufacturers warn that the treadmills are not compatible with a GFCI outlet, and you’ll need to perform an outlet reset whenever you use your treadmill.

Screen Only Reads Zeros

When something goes wrong, try resetting the treadmill.

When something goes wrong, try resetting the treadmill.

In case your screen only reads zeros, you can try adjusting its reed switch.

The goal is to remove the treadmill’s motor hood, then regulate the reed switch using a robust Phillips screwdriver.

First, unplug the treadmill’s power cord and detach its motor hood to find the reed switch on the belt’s left side.

Rotate that belt pulley until you see a tiny magnet beside the previous reed switch.

Next, loosen the screw located on the reed switch without removing it and move it manually until you successfully lengthen the distance between the magnet and the switch of ⅛ inch.

Lastly, tighten that screw, then replace the treadmill’s motor hood.

Other NordicTrack Screen Issues

Nordictrack manufacturers have provided users with ultimate maintenance guides for straightforward problems that they can troubleshoot at home.

You can find additional help through online chatting with a customer service staff on Nordictrack’s website.

Please note, if you carry out any work or troubleshooting on your treadmill, you might void the Nordictrack warranty.

For complicated problems that fall out of your knowledge, call ICON Health & Fitness, which produces and warrants Nordictrack products, to seek help. They will provide your machine with professional care if its warranty is still in effect.

The Bottom Line

A treadmill for a home gym is an excellent exercise assistant, but it sometimes brings trouble.

Although no one hopes something goes wrong with their NordicTracks, preparing for unexpected issues is still a good idea. 

There are a lot of reasons for a Nordictrack screen not working.

In most cases, it won’t take a long while to troubleshoot the problem. So, instead of splurging money fixing your treadmill outside, do it yourself. You can read more about Nordictrack treadmill troubleshooting here

See you in the next articles!

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