Will Treadmill Help Me Lose Weight? The Answer Is Here

Regarding exercise, many people worry about how much they can lose weight. While most exercises do not burn enough calories for someone to lose weight quickly, some can help. 

One of these is walking or running on a treadmill. Some exercisers have the same concern: will treadmill help me lose weight? This article will tell you everything you need to know about using it effectively for weight loss purposes. Read on to find out more!

Will Treadmill Help Me Lose Weight? 

The answer is always yes! Treadmills are a great way to burn calories and lose weight. Using one can be an excellent cardio routine, as it provides the same intensity of exercise while burning more fat!


Exercise is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. The benefits extend far beyond just physical exercise, and include increased mental clarity and lower blood pressure that might prevent a heart attack or stroke! 

When combined with a diet strategy tailored to your needs as an individual, regular activity will help lower blood pressure and reduce your death’s risk by more than 30%. 

Running burns calories, but the amount you burn varies depending on your weight class. The American Council on Exercise conducted a study to prove this statement. The study shows that a 180-pound person could burn more than 17 cal every minute running. Whereas, a 140 pounder would only burn 13.2!

A representative of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shared the same opinion. According to her, moving your body can be beneficial for both mind and body.

She also declared that only exercising can’t always create results, but a change in diet and some outside exercise can make it easier to lose weight.

Work Out On The Treadmill

What Are The Strategies On How To Lose Weight On A Treadmill? 

Treadmills can help you lose weight. However, the most efficient way to do so is by following a specific plan and ensuring that all of your workouts are in line with it! Scroll down!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an effective, fast, and efficient way to burn fat. It involves alternating high-intensity exercises with slower recovery periods or rests in between each set for optimal results.

In a 2017 study, Trusted Source found that HIIT workouts can effectively reduce body fat and burn calories in less time than other types. 

The best way to lose weight is by exercising for short periods and resting between the high-intensity bursts. This burns a lot of calories, which helps contribute towards your overall goal! As you recover from your HIIT routine, the body will attempt to return to a normal resting state by metabolizing fat for energy.

High-Intensity Interval Training

If you want to do high-intensity interval training on a treadmill, here’s how:

  1. Place the treadmill, so it is flat, and then start walking at two mph for 5 minutes.
  2. For 30 seconds, run at 9-10 mph to get your blood pumping.
  3. 60 seconds of walking at 3 to 4 mph
  4. Five to ten times more is a good rule of thumb.
  5. To cool down, take a 5-minute walk at two mph.

After you’ve finished your easy jogging, try adding in some sprints. Take rest intervals twice as long when doing this more advanced form of workout so that they are similar in length to high-intensity sets.

Find Your Fat-Burning Zone

A treadmill workout is the best way to melt pounds away. It’s also essential for burning fat at your fat-burning heart rate or intensity level, which can help with weight control and fitness goals!

To find your fat-burning zone, you’ll need to calculate the maximum number of times your heart can beat during one minute of exercise first. You can apply the following formula to calculate: 

  • Your maximum heart rate = 220 – your age. 

For example, a 40-year-old would have a maximum heart rate of: 

  • 220 – 40 = 180

As a general rule of thumb, the fat-burning zone is 70% at maximum heart rate. If your maximum heart rate is 180 beats per minute, your fat-burning zone is calculated via the formula: 180 x 0.70 = 126 beats per minute.

By taking this number, you’ll know how hard and intense your workout routine should be for weight loss. 

Here’s one way:

  1. Wear a heart rate monitor on your wrist or chest. 
  2. Set the treadmill to flat and walk at 2 mph for 5 minutes before working out. This will warm up muscles without effort so that they’re ready when it’s time to get intense!
  3. Adjust the inclination to 2%. For 1 minute, jog at 4 mph.
  4. Run at a speed of 8 to 10 mph, or until you reach your fat-burning zone. At this heart rate, run for 15 to 30 minutes.
  5. Jog for 1 minute at 4 mph.
  6. Cool down with a 5-minute walk at 2 mph.

Note: It’s important to know your individual calorie needs. Different people might enter the “fat-burning zone” at different rates.

The average person burns about 70% of their maximum heart rate at this point – some may need to reach 80%, while others might only require 55%. It all depends on various factors like sex and age as well! Hence, you can enter your fat-burning zone at a lower treadmill speed.

Add Inclination

One way to make treadmill running more challenging is with hills. Running or walking briskly at an incline will burn calories faster. That’s because you’re body has to work harder and activate more muscles which contributes to building lean muscle mass that will help with weight loss! 

So if you’re looking for a challenge that tests those legs, then look no further!

  1. Begin by setting the treadmill to a flat and walking at 2 mph for 5 minutes. This will help you warm up before starting your workout routine!
  2. Set the slope to 1% and jog for one minute at 4-6 mph.
  3. Each minute, increase the inclination by 1%. Rep till you reach an inclination of 8 to 10%.
  4. Every minute, lower the inclination by 1%. Rep till you’ve reached an inclination of 0 to 1%.
  5. To cool down, do a 5-minute walk at 2 mph.

In general, the average speed for this type of jogging usually ranges between 4-6 mph, but you can increase or add more minutes to make it harder if desired!

To make it easier, increase the incline by 0.5 percent each minute and then repeat until you reach a 4- 5% difference in height. Next, reverse your steps to come back down safely!

Add Inclination

How Long Should I Work Out On The Treadmill?

The time you spend on a treadmill will vary depending on if your session includes high-intensity interval training or steady-state exercise.

In particular, HIIT training sessions are a great way to burn more calories in less time. For weight loss, keep it short at 20 minutes on the treadmill per day! Whereas steady-state training can last longer. This workout session may take 30 minutes for moderate-intensity jogging or 40 minute walks at lower levels. 

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5 Tips To Help You Lose Weight More Effectively On A Treadmill

Here are helpful tips every exerciser should follow to use a treadmill for weight loss efficiently!

Mix It Up

One of the keys to losing weight is burning more calories. This is done by upping your intensity or duration. However, if it’s too close on the max HR, you might get tired out quickly. But slow and steady will take longer than an hour for results.

The solution lies in balancing these two factors: going faster on some days when energy levels are high vs. taking things slower for about 1 hour every other day where there’s less stress.

Master Your Speed

To get the most out of your workout, you should start by running intervals in 1:2 or 1:1 ratios. This means upping your speed for 30-60 seconds and dropping it down to a slower pace.

Choose an effort level that is challenging but still achievable within two minutes or five miles per hour on any treadmill. Try different intensities as needed. First, test out what treadmill workout you fit!

Some Days, Just Keep Going

Running longer than you think is the key to burning more calories. Switch up your routine with some faster workouts, like go for 45 minutes instead of 30. This will increase duration and calorie burn by 50%. 

Longer runs can be hard on the body, but they’re great ways to take advantage if there are days where things just aren’t feeling too good.

Don’t Ditch Other Workouts

The key to losing weight is not just doing the same routine over and over again. Research published in The Journal of Applied Physiology suggests that you need a mix including resistance training, intervals, or shorter bouts followed by longer ones for better results.

Will Treadmill Help Me Lose Weight


Will treadmill help me lose weight? If you’re looking for a way to lose weight independently, the treadmill is an excellent option. With just some simple strategies and tips, it’s easy to get started with this machine to help you reach any fitness goal.

If you want to lose weight effectively and keep in shape after training sessions, don’t forget to give yourself a reasonable diet.

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