Can You Ride A Bike On A Treadmill? Advantages & How It Works

Cycling is one of the most effective forms of exercise for many people. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, cycling in the street is not feasible due to the limitation of person-to-person communication.

Therefore, practicing cycling at home is extremely necessary. So, can you ride a bike on a treadmill? How can you do it?

Yes, you can absolutely cycle on a treadmill. Many people think this is a crazy idea, but they are wrong. Cycling on a treadmill is entirely possible.

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Can You Ride A Bike On A Treadmill?

Riding A Bike On A Treadmill

Riding A Bike On A Treadmill.

As we said, you can ride your bike on a treadmill. It is one of the most effective exercise methods for your health.

However, to control a bicycle on a machine, you must be proficient in cycling.

Because riding on a treadmill will be more challenging to balance than on the road. While running, you have to control the speed, so it is pretty tricky. Accordingly, if you are careless, you can ultimately get injured.

But don’t worry either. Because usually, the workout doesn’t take you long. If you already have a cycling background, it only takes a few sessions to get on the treadmill.

In addition, we have not recorded any severe injuries from this method, so you can rest assured to apply.

According to the survey, many people have successfully exercised and feel very passionate about cycling on the treadmill. As long as you persevere and practice more, you absolutely can do it.

Any average person can ride a bicycle on a treadmill, and you are no exception. With our experience, we believe that you can do it if you love this subject.

How Do You Cycle On A Treadmill?

How Do You Cycle On A Treadmill

In this section, we will show you step-by-step instructions so you can get the most out of your bike ride. The entire process will include three steps as follows:


When starting something, preparation is essential. Because thoughtful preparation will help you have more beautiful experiences.

Especially for exercise, if you can practice combined with enjoyment, the effect will be much higher.

In general, cycling on a treadmill does not require you to prepare too much.

First, you need to have a quality bike and a treadmill at home.

Next, choose a suitable space to place the two tools above. We recommend choosing open, spacious, and airy rooms for more effective exercise.

In terms of criteria, you should choose lightweight bicycles (racing cars) to make them more convenient for traveling. Also, don’t forget to prepare a helmet to protect your head.

After all the conditions and tools are ready, we will come to the pretest steps to practice skills and ensure absolute safety for you.


Next, we will enter the phase of getting used to the tempo. Since you are inexperienced at this time, be very careful every moment.

You will get acquainted with the bike first. You can refer to this video below. 

When experimenting, set the machine to the slowest possible mode. Do not forget to sell on the support tree so as not to fall to the ground.

At first, do not rush to apply immediately; just do the test to master each step.

After successful testing then you can practice much better. So, don’t be in a hurry to get started.


After watching video tutorials and practicing the essential step by step, you need to enter the practice phase to improve your experience.

Accordingly, try to link each small step together. Ride your bike at a languid and gradual pace.

You should only increase or decrease a little at a time to avoid inertia happening and causing you to fall.

Each time, you increase or decrease your speed, you should slam into the handle to prevent falls.

The critical point here is your perseverance and courage. Finally, build the habit of practicing every day so that you can practice masterfully subconsciously.

Benefits Of Cycling On A Treadmill

Benefits Of Cycling On A Treadmill

One of the top benefits of cycling on a treadmill is strength training.

Accordingly, you only need to spend a small amount of time maintaining this habit, and then you will see it brings you a considerable benefit.

In addition, with the current epidemic situation, staying at home to practice is still much better than riding a bicycle on the street. 

What’s more, you can practice at any time of the day, even at night or early in the morning. Besides, the weather does not affect your practice. Rain or shine, you can ride a bike.

Do you think cycling on a treadmill will help you train your balance better? The answer is definitely yes.

Finally, you can control your fitness level precisely. Then, you can adjust the training time to suit yourself.

According to the above analysis, cycling on a treadmill brings many benefits that cycling on the road or jogging cannot. Now, what are you waiting for without starting to practice right now? 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part of the article, we will help you answer some common questions most on this issue. Let’s check it out!

Is it better to walk on a treadmill or ride a bike?

Both of these exercise methods will give you good health. If you compare the effectiveness of exercise, running will burn more calories than cycling. Yet, the two points are not too different, so choose an activity that you love.

Does cycling count as exercise?

Cycling is one of the best exercise activities. Especially cardio and lung training. What’s more, burning calories is also very effective when you ride a bike. As you know, the exercise by cycling regularly can bring good results in terms of health.

Is cycling for 30 minutes good exercise?

Thirty minutes a day is a pretty decent amount of time for cycling. If you can maintain this habit for a long time, you will feel your health improving very well.

Can we work out with bicycles indoors?

Yes, you can ride bicycles at home by cycle on a treadmill or cycle with a Bike Trainer. You can even join online indoor bike racing with other people from your home.

Is a treadmill or bike better for weight loss?

Treadmill or Bike

Treadmill or Exercise Bike

A treadmill or an exercise bike is good for weight loss. What matters is which method you are more suitable for. Effective weight loss depends on how long you practice and your perseverance.


In short, run your bike to exercise every day. If you can’t go out, ride on a treadmill.

With this article, we hope you have the complete answer to this problem. If you find our above helpful information, please share it for everyone’s reference.

Also, please leave a comment below the post if you have suggestions or comments. We will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading! 

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