Can A Treadmill Be Kept Outside? Treadmill Storage Tips

Treadmills take up a lot of premium space. Many runners not having much room for a home gym may think of storing their treadmills outdoors on a porch, balcony, or patio to save space and enjoy the fresh air while running.

Can a treadmill be kept outside? Indeed, treadmill manufacturers remarkably advise against keeping your treadmill out of the house as the cold weather can damage the machine’s belt and LCD screen.

However, you can store it outside if you provide it with proper coverage and maintenance. This article will provide you with some helpful and straightforward tips on storing a treadmill outdoors.

You’ll have a running machine that can go with you for years to come!

Where Can You Keep Your Treadmill?

Can A Treadmill Be Kept Outside

Outdoor placement poses many risks to your treadmill.

There are some factors you should weigh beforehand to figure out the answer.

Concerning placing a treadmill in-house, a small room can’t accommodate adequate space for comfortable running. If not a corner in your house is available and the space is premium, a bulky treadmill would be a real matter.

Regarding storing a treadmill outside, direct sunlight is the top concern as it negatively affects the unit’s electrical parts, such as the display.

Also, random outdoor items, like dust, are highly likely to get stuck and pile up in the motor, damaging the motor and belt. Plus, rain, wind, and snow are not healthy for your treadmill at all.

If you intend to place the machine in a garage, we have to say it’s absolutely a bad idea. The overly cold, damp, and dusty environment will stop your treadmill from performing efficiently and break it sooner or later.

In the long run, in-house placement is still the best option to ensure a durable and well-functioning running unit.

Just to remind, most treadmill companies don’t approve of the outdoor location as the warranty is void if the user places the product outdoors or in the garage.

However, in case you have no choice but to store your treadmill outside, keep our guide and tips in mind to ensure safe and proper storage.


Tips for Storing A Treadmill Outside

Treadmill outdoor location is not an impossible thing. There are tips to help you maintain the machine properly and prolong its lifespan.

Find A Spot With An Awning

Find A Spot With An Awning

An awning is a must regarding storing a treadmill outdoors safely.

Preventing harsh weather from severely damaging your treadmill is the first and foremost step. You can watch this video to ensure safety from snow, rain, and other adverse weather during the year.

Treadmills are highly prone to holding in and attracting moisture. If you keep your one under a sky, they usually suffer from electrical damage due to the high content of moisture upon the year’s first twin.

Also, when you expose the unit to strong sunlight for a long time, the excess heat might cause cracking, melting, and sun bleaching.

So, place your treadmill in a backyard with a sturdy, maybe hand-built awning or a patio with a big carport awning. Without a protective canopy, you’d better give up the idea of leaving it outside.

Choose A Level Surface

An important factor determining your treadmill’s longevity is a level surface of grass, foliage, rocks, and other outdoor debris.

If you place it on rocky ground or rough, uneven surface, the machine will tip over and forth, potentially falling on you while you’re running.

Suppose you don’t have a flat area available around your house or in the backyard. In that case, you can make one by carrying out a DIY concrete pouring and ground leveling project or hiring local landscaping and contracting firm to create a level and stable spot for your placement.

Clean The Area Occasionally

Clean The Area Occasionally

Regular clean-up is crucial to deter dust and debris from getting into the motor. 

Debris accelerating in the motor and belt could cause severe damages over time, possibly leading to costly repairs. Thus, thoroughly and regularly cleaning the area where you place your treadmill is extremely necessary.

We don’t recommend sweeping as it makes debris and dust fly around in the air. A vacuum is the best idea.

You should vacuum the walls, ceiling, floor, and any spots nearby. This practice will help reduce the chance of debris and dust going into the inside and the belt.

Use A Treadmill Cover

A very useful kit to guarantee safe outdoor treadmill storage is a treadmill cover. It’ll protect against damages from weather or other outside factors that may affect parts of your treadmill.

You can buy a custom cover based on where you’re going to store the machine. A personalized treadmill cover will suit your treadmill’s specific dimensions and offer a nicer, cleaner appearance.

Use A Mat

Placing a mat underneath the running unit after well cleaning the surrounding area is a brilliant way for runners to proceed with the outside placement.

The mat makes it hard for debris, dust, and moisture to enter the belt and motor underneath. Also, using a mat can surprisingly help keep static electricity under control.

Lubricate The Treadmill Belt Regularly

Our final tip on storing a treadmill outdoors is to frequently lubricate the machine’s belt. Proper lubrication is essential if you live in regions with dry, hot weather, dusty areas, summer storms, and low humidity.


Running on a treadmill outside and enjoying fresh air makes the workout more fun and effective. Although the best idea is still to keep a treadmill in-house, it doesn’t mean outdoor placement is impossible.

That’s our answer to the question, ‘can a treadmill be kept outside?’

Don’t worry if the humidity is high or the temperature changes. As long as you take proper precautions, like a mat, cover, and occasional maintenance, you’ll succeed in extending the life of your machine and using it outside.

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