Can You Have A Treadmill In An Apartment?

A treadmill is an excellent addition to any home gym. Yet, this idea is often accompanied by many concerns. So, can you have a treadmill in an apartment?

Yes, even though you can get a treadmill in your upstairs apartment, remember that when you are jogging on it, it creates vibration and noise throughout the flat, which might be bothersome to others. 

However, you should run at a slower speed and use adequate cushioning when putting a treadmill above the downstairs unit’s bedroom.

The article will discuss whether to put a treadmill in an apartment or not. Besides, we also provide some helpful tips to reduce noise from the treadmill.

Let’s dive into the details!

Things To Consider Before Getting A Treadmill

A Treadmill In An Apartment

There are several stages to installing a treadmill in your home. You need to consider the treadmill’s weight if there are steps or a sizable elevator and the height and width of your door frames.

Is It Permitted Under My Lease? 

Typically, this entails a cursory review of the lease contract. Also, you can call your leasing office for confirmation about your agreement.

Do I Have Enough Room?

With such a broad selection of treadmills accessible, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Many of the home models are relatively smaller than the more giant machines used at the gym. Make careful measurements and prepare ahead of time. 

Is My Electric System Capable Of Handling The Demand? 

The dedicated outlet may come with most domestic treadmills. It’s also a wise idea to install a safe protector to safeguard the device from harm. Many manufacturers suggest unplugging your machine after use.

Larger capacity sockets and extra electrical installation may be necessary for specific commercial, bulkier versions. For a household environment, these bigger units are overkilled.

Will My Neighbors Be Affected?

When you exercise on a treadmill, you may make a lot of noise.

We will go into noise reduction in greater detail later but consider the surrounding environment when installing a treadmill. 

The neighbors are probably as happy as you are to have a peaceful apartment.

Tips To Reduce Noise From Treadmill?

Using Treadmill Causes Noise

Using Treadmill Causes Noise

Here are seven practical ways to reduce noise when using a treadmill. 

Use A Treadmill With A Noise Reduction Mat

Treadmill mats with anti-vibration properties are an excellent impact absorber, absorbing much of the noise during your workout. 

It will be best if you choose rubber mats and make sure you purchase the right thickness and size to accommodate the size and weight of your machine. The greater the mat, the thicker it is. 

Stay Away From Shaky Settings. 

Owners often receive treadmills in pieces, and it’s up to you to put them all together. Make sure there are no loose fittings. Regardless of brand, a machine with a shaky frame and loose bolts, screws, and nuts will be loud. 

Install the treadmill according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that each time you accomplish one step, the system’s tension changes.

As a result, it’s a good idea to give those nuts and screws another spin.

Comply With The Maintenance Schedule 

When components expand, and lubrication evaporates, the noise gets unbearable. It’s time to grease and modify the system if new noises appear.

Experts recommend maintaining the machine’s belt every 90 days or earlier based on the manufacturer and how often you workout. 

Place It At The Corners Of The Room

It Would Be Best To Place The Treadmill In The Corner

It Would Be Best To Place In The Corner

The treadmill will provide excellent support if you place it near a corner. As a result, when you begin jogging, the house will not bounce excessively. 

Placing it in the middle of a room can create much noise and unwanted vibrations because the floor’s center moves more than the corners.

Walking Instead Of Running

Although many treadmills allow for a wide range of activities, if the sound is an issue, you might be better off walking rather than jogging. When you start hopping on the treadmill, it gets louder. 

The equipment is quieter the slower you walk, but it becomes more audible when the feet contact the treadmill when you start running.

Stay Away From Uneven Sports

As you start walking or jogging on your treadmill, you might expect squeaks if a portion of your treadmill is facing the air. Ensure the treadmill is on a flat surface with no bottom section in the mood to minimize additional vibration. 

If you detect a part dangling from the equipment without hitting the ground, try to move it until you find a level area for it. 

Work-Out When Neighbors Are Out

The most excellent time to use your treadmill is during the day when most of the neighbors are out of the apartments. You’ll have greater flexibility to conduct a variety of routines.

You can rely on the instructions in this video to better understand how to soundproof a treadmill.

Can A Treadmill Cause Damages?

Remember To Use Rubber Mat For Reducing Noise

Remember To Use Rubber Mat For Reducing Noise

A treadmill can harm your living area at any time. It is also critical to place your treadmill appropriately to safeguard it. 

Even the lightest treadmills are hefty, and jogging on one puts a lot of strain on both the tread and the surface it’s on. It may appear easy, but by positioning your device and floor in the proper location, you may extend the life of both. 

We previously discussed using a specialized mat to safeguard the floor and your treadmill; this is an inexpensive solution to protect everything involved.

Place a rubber mat on firmer ground for the most significant results. It is also possible to put your machine on a carpet, but ensure it is not one you’re particularly attached to. 

Using a treadmill on a carpet for an extended period may cause significant damage. Therefore it’s preferable to invest in an inexpensive rug or a specialized workout mat. 

Whenever you acquire a treadmill, keep in mind that it will need lubrication or maintenance from time to time. Almost all of the time, it is due to an issue with the belt or engine.

Last but not least, put your treadmill on level ground with feet of space on each side, purchase a specific treadmill rubber mat if feasible, and use a smooth surface to avoid dust or fiber being pushed under the motor.

Final Thoughts

Can you have a treadmill in an apartment? Yes, you can. While it is acceptable using a treadmill in an apartment, there are a few things to consider.

These mainly address the machine’s loudness and weight. If you cannot find a method to quiet the engine down, your upstairs flat isn’t the best place for it. 

Thank you for reading!

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