How Heavy Is A Treadmill? All Things You Need To Know

You want to change the position of your running machine but have no idea if your floor can accommodate the machine or not. So, how heavy is a treadmill?

You can expect the weight to be around 60 pounds for a manual model and about 210 pounds for a motorized one.

Some factors affect weight. For a detailed explanation, let’s follow our post! 

How Heavy Is A Treadmill?

The average weight of a motorized treadmill is 210 pounds. This figure for a manual unit is lower, around 60 pounds. 

Aside from the product type, its weight also depends on the motor, frame, and belt. 


The motor is one of the primary components that vary the average weight. To offer high speed, the treadmill should include titanium or steel motors. Based on the material, an engine may weigh 40 to 50 pounds. 


Treadmills made for heavy workouts should have a high-quality, long-lasting frame. You can relate their resistance to the frame’s weight.


The belt is a crucial component of this machine since it allows us to move. Many treadmills intended for rigorous training include thicker belts that mimic rough terrain.

Units that can incline come with extra pieces that may weigh up to 30 pounds, making them heavier and stronger. 

The belt, frame, and motor make the machine heavy

The belt, frame, and motor make the machine heavy

What’s The Weight Limit Of A Treadmill? 

Aside from knowing how much a treadmill weighs, it’s also useful to know how much load it can carry.

Motorized treadmills

A motorized unit’s usual weight limit is around 300 pounds. Stronger motors work in treadmills with greater load limits.

Manual treadmills

Manual models have a lower load limit than the motorized ones, at 258 pounds. 

Exercise machines with a higher load capacity are also heavier. It means that the stronger and heavier frame can support larger load limits. 

This video shows you some interesting differences between motorized vs. manual machines:


The following examples will help picture clearly how heavy this kind of machine is and how much each can handle.

Type Brand Model Weight 


Weight limit


Motorized Life Fitness T3 243 350
Horizon Fitness T101 180 300
NordicTrack EXP7i 222 300
Proform Pro 9000 263 300
Manual Sunny Health SF-T7515 121  240
Rhythm Fun ‎RF-MC01 132 220
XTERRA Fitness ‎TR150 108 250
ProGea 190 49 230


Heavier machines are often stronger

Heavier machines are often stronger

Frequently Asked Questions 

The following questions and answers give you more information about the treadmill’s dimensions. Let’s check! 

1. How high is the treadmill deck?

Decks are typically 8 to 9 inches high. Treadmills as low as 4.5 inches are also available for those with a low ceiling or limited space

2. Do I need a commercial-grade treadmill for a home gym?

No. These machines can work for hours every day. They often have maintenance contracts and professional support, which is too much for a home. 

3. How long should a treadmill deck be?

It depends on how tall the users are. A 55-inch deck is good for people who are 5 feet 6 to 6 feet 5 tall to walk on. For running, the deck should be 60 inches long. 

If the runners are shorter than 5 feet 6, a 52-inch deck and a 58-inch deck would suffice for walking and running. 


A treadmill may weigh from 60 to 210 pounds, depending on the type, belt, frame, and motor. Often, a powerful machine can withstand more pressure.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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