Burning 100 Calories A Day: Must-Try Methods To Succeed

Weight loss is a valuable method for heavy people. Moreover, some experts suggest that the most effective way to cut troublesome calories is by changing diet and making small life changes. Specifically, it is possible to cut 100 calories from belly fat through regular physical exercises. 

However, how many steps to burn 100 calories, and is burning 100 calories a day good? If these questions boggle your mind, continue to read this article to discover the truth.

Burning 100 Calories A Day

How Many Steps To Burn 100 Calories Successfully? 

The number of calories burned depends on weight, gender, age, and speed. In general, it takes about 2600 to 3150 steps to burn 100 calories. The most effective method to reach around 3000 steps each day is to use a pedometer. If you don’t have this device, it is best to purchase a similar tool, automatically counting steps. 

This way will guarantee that every step taken counts carefully. As a result, you can keep your goal to cut 100 calories a day. Specifically, walking one mile is approximately equivalent to 2000 steps. Besides, lighter people will burn less than heavier people. 

On the other hand, the MET (metabolic equivalent of tasks) is used to calculate the calorie consumption per minute for physical exercises. Here is the formula: 

Energy consumption (kcal) per minute = MET × Body Weight (kg) × 0.0175

How Many Steps To Burn 100 Calories Successfully

6 Methods To Burn 100 Calories A Day 

For beginners, it is vital to learn proper ways to burn 100 calories per day. Here are 6 well-known strategies to help you pursue this healthy goal. 

Run-on the treadmill at 5-miles per hour

Burning 100 calories a day on treadmill is an excellent choice for beginners. In addition, you don’t need to spend hours on the treadmill to realize optimal results. To apply the treadmill as your solution to blast away 100 calories per day, crank up the speed to 5-miles per hour

On the other hand, if you tend to start your workout at home instead of at the gym, it is advisable to choose folding treadmills. Besides, if you still wonder whether they are good and how to buy them effectively, read more here to find the best answers. 

Run-on the treadmill at 5-miles per hour

Climb stairs

Climbing stairs is another strategy to burn 100 calories quickly. You can find different places at home, at work, or in a hotel while traveling to practice this workout. Walk up the stairs for around 10 minutes to cut 100 calories.

Thus, this method assists you in shaping the muscles in the body and the legs. You also gain many benefits when walking downstairs. 

Climb stairs

Jump rope 

Jump rope is a fun and straightforward exercise for different ages. All you need to do is to jump about 6 minutes to cut 100 calories with ease. In addition, this practice boosts strength in your lower legs and improves coordination. One of the most valuable tips to continue this activity every day is to find a comfortable place and an exciting community.

Jump rope 

Play table tennis

Playing table tennis is a quick calorie-burner to achieve your health goals. Furthermore, it upgrades your hand-eye coordination and develops mental acuity. Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose a talented group to start your workout as soon as possible. 

Play table tennis


Taking a hike burns more calories than walking around due to the distances in terrain. For instance, when you hike up a mountain or a hill, your core muscles need to work harder to stabilize, and your legs need to use more energy to move. Therefore, you have succeeded in burning lots of calories per day.


Plank mountain climbers

These fun workouts help you to remove 100 calories quickly. In addition, they get your heart rate pumping without putting much stress on your joints. Always keep your back straight and flat instead of bent to practice these activities properly.

On the other hand, it is best to guarantee that you don’t pick your hips. Moreover, keep a constant pace and a straight line from head to heels to receive the best results. 

Plank mountain climbers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many pounds is 100 calories?

In 1958, Max Wishnofsky, a scientist, concluded that one pound of the body includes 3,500 calories. Thus, 1/35th of a pound is equivalent to 100 calories. 

2. How to burn calories without exercising? 

If you don’t prefer workouts, here are some suggestions to cut calories.

  • Take constant breaks from your desk at work to walk around or stretch.
  • Pace around or lift light weights while making any calls.
  • Stand up and walk while having small talks with friends or co-workers.

The Bottom Line

We hope you won’t wonder about the steps to facilitate burning 100 calories a day anymore. Before selecting any exercises, always check your health, set a daily schedule, and stick to it to achieve your goals sooner. 

Thank you for reading. Don’t hesitate to comment below to find more ways to cut 100 calories per day with ease. 

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