Treadmill Calorie Calculator – What Does It Do And How Will It Help?

The Treadmill calorie calculator is a tool for calculating the calories burned on treadmills. The calculation results depend on body weight, time spent running at various speeds, and inclines of the machine.

In this article, we will provide you with details on the treadmill calories burned calculator, how to calculate the exact result, and other relevant information related to the topic. Scroll down!

Why Do Treadmills Burn The Most Calories?

First and foremost, let’s talk about the machine for a second. Every person trying to get fit knows about it; hell, we argue that those with no intention to do so have the same thought when they see one! It has integrated itself into our mainstream culture as an effective way to rid overall body fat.

That reputation definitely has its basis, in fact, since the Medical College of Wisconsin has measured a person’s fat burn on the machine to be around 705-866. The stats will vary based on you as an individual, the speed settings as well as incline.

Yet, in which ways does this exercise machine force those unwelcomed fats on your body to go away? Find out the answer in detail here!

Why Do Treadmills Burn The Most Calories

Say you want to keep track of the amount you’re shedding, then a calories estimator will do you good. Here’s what you should know:

How Do Treadmills Calculate Calories Burned

Right behind the monitor that shows how many calories you lost, there is a computer that uses mathematical formulas to bring out the numbers. The formula takes in inputs such as the person’s weight, distance (based on the speed and duration you’ve used the treadmill for). If the machine’s more advanced, it takes in other things like diets too!

Since the formula is very much fixed on using these limited indicators, the result on the screen might be inaccurate. The number fluctuates based on the calculator’s level of adjustments, as well as the person’s calorie-burning rate.

Treadmill Calories Burned Chart: 


Weight (LBS) Walk/Jog Jog in Place 12:00/MI 10:00/MI 9:00/MI
150 200 268 277 328 351
190 228 304 315 372 399
230 262 350 364 429 460



Weight (LBS) Walk/Jog Jog in Place 12:00/MI 10:00/MI 9:00/MI
125 164 218 226 267 286
165 180 240 249 294 315
200 206 274 284 335 359

Treadmill Calorie Calculator – Is It Accurate?

Surrounding this matter, we can separate the current calculator market into those with a standardized reference and those that allow you to put in your own metrics. Let’s discuss these two options and how the features affect the treadmill calorie calculator accuracy.

The standard-reference one uses a default 155lbs weight to calculate your fat burn – or 70.3kg for those who use the metric system. The output from this type of estimator should go through a bit of calculation on your side as well:

It variously verifies it from the running record of a monotonous treadmill.
Please input the gradient, the speed, the running time, the mileage, and weight.
Gradient %
Time min


Your Trainning
Gradient %
Speed mph
Time min Distance mile

Gradient 0.0 %
Conversion in flat ground(By the Oxygen Intake theory)
Speed mph
Time min Distance mile

Calories burned Kcal
Combustion of body fat oz / g

In Energy KWh
( Electric heater 1000W min )
( (Light bulb 100W hour )

Cheeseburger Piece(s) Beer 12 fl oz(355ml) Bottle(s)
Shopping min Cleaning min

100-Meter Dash pace for s
10,000-Meter Run pace for m s
Half Marathon pace for h m s
Marathon* pace for h m s
*It was speed of % compared with the Marathon world record.


The good news is that you only have to take your weight into account, as treadmill calorie calculator incline and speed has already been accounted for. If you weigh around 135 lbs, you have cut 85% of the calories output shown on your monitor.

On the other hand, the input table one takes that task away from you for good. As you boot up the machine, you can already save your current weight into the machine. That number will stay there in the equation until you decide to change its value. 

In order to keep the result accurate, one way is to lay off the handrails during your job or run. Putting your weight on the support rail decreases your calories burn from 20-40%, so the number on your screen will be inaccurate.

Other Factors That Affect Weight Loss

In fact, not everyone can lose the exact amount of fat as the estimator suggests. There are many factors that go into the treadmill walking calorie burn calculator’s accuracy far more than weight. These factors include:

  • Family history and genes
  • Race
  • Age
  • Biological sex
  • Habits regarding your physical habits
  • Sleep
  • Calories intake

These are things you should consult a doctor or a nutritionist on in order to round up how your body processes energy as a whole. Your local medical professional should be able to give you the exact speed, recline, and routine you need for your journey.

Other Factors That Affect Weight Loss

You can definitely jump on the machine willy-nilly and get some work done. However, do not forget that a prescribed exercising routine can help you so much quicker and more effectively in the long run! 

How To Make The Most Out of Your Treadmills? 

How to burn the most calories on the treadmill? – There are many ways you can try to make the most out of your machine, and nearly all those methods are presented on your screen/monitor. Tinker around with these adjustments, and you will see better results in no time:

  • Run for a longer duration: This is obvious if you have ever tried stamina training
  • Run faster: Give yourself a build-up of speed to get used to. 
  • Run in intervals: Though the basis of your routine is running, if you halt it a bit to jog or walk every once in a while, you will be able to run for longer and burn more calories!

Read more useful details here.

How To Make The Most Out of Your Treadmills


That should be everything you need to know about the treadmill calorie calculator and how it can help you for now! As mentioned above, there are many factors that go into the treadmill walking calorie burn calculator’s accuracy far more than weight. 

We hope that this article serves you well after all that, and we wish you a great journey in bettering yourself! Good luck!

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