Reading While Walking On Treadmill Good For You?

You are exercising on your treadmill but working out alone makes you feel bored. You want to enjoy some books during training, but is reading while walking on treadmill good for you?

Fortunately, this blog post provides all the information you need. We also suggest some methods for you to read while jogging on the machine safely and effectively!

Is Reading While Walking On Treadmill Good For You

Is Reading While Walking On Treadmill Good For You?

Professionals do not encourage reading while exercising on the treadmill because when your primary focus is on reading rather than on your motion, there is a higher chance for dangerous accidents to happen.

There are a lot of reasons support the argument against reading while using the machine:

  • Because your arms have to hold the book, they cannot move freely, reducing your overall calorie expenditure.
  • It is harder for you to keep a decent balance on the treadmill since reading requires you to maintain your upper body relatively steady.
  • You cannot run while reading. And, walking is not as beneficial as running for the same amount of time.
  • Attempting to read while jogging may cause travel sickness.

Can You Still Read A Book On The Treadmill?

Technically speaking, it is doable. You have to trade off with your speed and efficiency. Particularly, you cannot run and jog fast, which reduces the effect of the workout. Besides, you could not focus on the reading, which also lowers the book’s benefit.

How To Read A Book On The Treadmill?

Here are some of the safest and most effective ways to read while using the machine:

Say No With Fast Speed

It is harder for you to focus and keep your normal speed while reading simultaneously. So, jogging or walking at a slower pace can be a solution. Try to run at a 5.0 instead of your typical 5.3 or 5.5, for example.

Listening To An Audiobook Instead Of Reading

Audiobooks are widely available nowadays. I recommend using audiobooks while exercising on the treadmill. I swear it is much more practical and convenient!


You just have to turn on the audiobook and enjoy it. You can use earphones or headphones if you want. Your hands are free from holding the book, and your eyes are free from concentration on pages.

You can effortlessly focus on your book and running at the same time using this method. Also, it is better to use Bluetooth headphones as they don’t snag.

Use Run-N-Read

A Run-n-Read device helps users to read while jogging more easily. The application is simple. Put your e-reader on the treadmill’s ledge. Next, attach the Bluetooth-enabled gadget to your shirt and launch their e-reader app on your mobile. 

When you are running, the text on the screen will bounce back and forth along with your movements because the gadget is detecting your head movements. Therefore, the page appears to be static, making it easy to read without hurting your eyes.

Set The Book Or Kindle At The Right Eye Level

At the right eye level, it is easier for you to read the words and find the sentences. You can put your book or Kindle on a stand and modify it to align with your eye level. This may help you read more comfortably while on the treadmill.

However, ensure that you’re not staring too high or far down to keep good breathing habits.

Choose And Read Large Print Books

It is easier for you to focus and read large text without hurting your eyes. If you want to read while using the treadmill, you should choose a book with big fonts. Graphic books and comics are also excellent options.

The Book Or Kindle

Minimize Bouncing

Decreasing your speed helps lower your bouncing. You should also lighten your step because reading will be much more difficult if your body is bopping around.

Additionally, pick a speed that permits you to read without bouncing. If you feel like you can’t handle it at first, I recommend you try for a few minutes. Then, take a break for a walk or do some muscle training before getting on the treadmill and trying again.

Use Reading Glasses

It is a good idea to invest in reading glasses if you enjoy reading while jogging on the treadmill. They not only improve your vision but also protect you from headaches caused by eye irritation. 

Use Reading Glasses

Now your eyes feel comfortable, and you will have more energy to focus on your workout.

Be Careful

Focusing on your book while still being aware of your surroundings. You can get caught up in the book, and this distraction can easily cause dangerous accidents.

So, make sure to read the book, keep yourself safe and sound, and don’t forget about your fitness goals.

Skip The Reading Or Choose Another Sport

If you still can’t read while walking or jogging on the treadmill after attempting all of the abovementioned methods, it’s time to find something else. 

You can, for example, listen to informative podcasts. Only your mind and ears are required, leaving the rest of your body free to focus on exercise. In the alternative, you can watch a TV show or a film. 

It is important to pick an activity that will assist you in completing your training.


So, what do you think? Is reading while walking on treadmill good for you? Most of the time, it’s not good for you to do so. To have the best training experience with great results, you must pay full attention to the workout. Reading a book will prevent you from trying your best on the treadmill.

We have provided all the information you need, and now the decision is yours to make. However, if you still want to read while jogging on the machine, we hope you use and find our recommendations helpful!

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