Is it OK to keep a treadmill in the garage? The Answer Is Here!

You have just bought a treadmill and are thinking about a spacious room to place it in. Is it OK to keep a treadmill in the garage?

The short answer is no. Although this solution saves space, there will be some damage to your machine due to temperature changes and dirt accumulation.

There are several factors to consider before placing your machine. For a detailed explanation, let’s read until the final line! 

Is It OK To Keep Treadmill In Garage? 

No. In fact, you can totally place the treadmill wherever you want. However, the garage is not an ideal option because it poses some risks.


Even if you don’t live in a snowy area, your unheated garage is sure to get cold at some times during the year.

The treadmill’s mechanical components, running belt, and LCD panel do not like the cold. Electrical parts, such as the inclination function, may become blocked and stop working.

The cold might cause the running belt to stiffen and crack, causing it to wear out quicker than expected. The LCD of the console may also break if it freezes.

Dust And Dirt Problems

Most of us don’t often keep our garages tidy, neat, and clean. As a result, dust, dirt, and even grass may accumulate all over the space. 

Over time, all debris may find its way onto and into your jogging machine, causing damage to the engine, belt, and LED screen.

Moreover, we are not as cautious in the garage as in the house, and even a brief moment of carelessness can lead to long harm.

To prevent this, you can learn some maintenance tips right here:

Dirt may accumulate over time 

Dirt may accumulate over time 


Keeping this machine in the carport requires more upkeep. If you want it to last a long time, you’ll have to make an effort to clear all of the dust and filth that has accumulated.

Unfortunately, many treadmill manufacturers specify that warranties won’t work if you keep their products in the carport.

The warranty policy differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please check yours to see how it works. 


Jogging in garages is quite boring. Although this point is not relevant to the product quality, it does affect your experience. 

You can bring out your TV, speaker, or laptop to listen to or watch to keep yourself entertained. 

The working atmosphere is important

The working atmosphere is important

Three Things To Consider 

Can a treadmill be kept in a garage? If this place seems to be the ideal spot for your machine, consider the following factors before moving it there. 


You can place your treadmill in the apartment and put it upstairs. However, because of the limited space, you choose to move it outside. Even so, the space in its location should also fit. 

If there isn’t enough room, you may have to get rid of certain items or rearrange your stuff to free up space.

You’ll need an area that’s bigger than the machine itself. Remember to leave some space behind the treadmill for your safety too. 

The extra space ensures that you won’t step wrong or get catapulted into the room door and land on the running belt. 

If you miss one step, you’ll want enough room to lift yourself without hurriedly trying to stop the running belt while still standing on it or extremely close to it.

Emergency Contact

Don’t hide in the basement and let your minds wander. Accidents may happen at any time. 

So, leave your door unlocked. If your family notices something strange, they at least can reach you. 

If possible, open the door when you work out. Also, keep your phone active so that you can call somebody in case of an emergency. 


One of the most important tips for storing treadmills outside is checking the ventilation of the area. 

Jogging requires a lot of breathing. You’ll realize that your performance declines if the atmosphere isn’t particularly breathable and clean. 

It’s easy for garages to get stifling. Try not to exercise in a closed-in, dirty, musty room. You can open the window or even the door just a bit to let some fresh air come in.

Moreover, do not rely on the treadmill’s fan to keep you warm. This tool can give a small help. Sometimes it works as if it’s blowing dirt to you. 

Consider different factors when setting up the space

Consider different factors when setting up the space 

Benefits Of Having Your Treadmill In Your Garage 

Why do some people still place their treadmills in such places? Despite the drawbacks in terms of 


This machine is huge, even when trying to buy a small version. If your house can’t accommodate this bully equipment, moving it to the garage is good.

If the machine is not in use, you don’t have to fold it up or slide it into the corner. The machine will be ready to use next time. 


Safety should be your top concern. There are always people, children, and pets in your house. However, garages don’t have that much traffic.

Putting treadmills in such a place helps prevent them from getting scratched, bumped, or stepped. Moreover, your children and pets won’t get hurt by the fast-running mechanics. 


Having a private place for your workouts is great. You can turn up your music to the max volume and forget about the machine’s noise as you go into the zone.

Should You Put Your Treadmill In A Cold Garage? 

Manufacturers don’t recommend putting this product in cold places, especially garages, because of the potential risks. 

Extreme weather will cause equipment damage. Many machine sections might get broken due to the cold, reducing their longevity. 

So, consider “how cold can a treadmill get” and the temperature of its location before locating the machine.

Conclusion: Is Storing A Treadmill In A Garage A Good Idea?

Garages may cause damage to the machine. What’s worse, many manufacturers don’t cover such issues under their warranty.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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