Can You Put A Treadmill In A Bedroom?

These days, working out at home is trending to become more popular for many good reasons. A home treadmill is one of the best investments for exercise.

By using it, you can burn calories at home instead of going to the gym. However, this machine can be a concern because it takes up a lot of space.

So, have you ever wondered that can you put a treadmill in a bedroom?

The short answer is yes! Yet, you need to consider some factors such as space, neighbors, time of use, and more before deciding to put one next to your bed. 

This article of Vint will provide detailed answers. Let’s find out now!

A home treadmill is one of the best investments for home exercise.

A home treadmill is one of the best investments for home exercise. 

Can I Put a Treadmill in a Bedroom?

That is a good idea! In our opinion, the bedroom is one of the perfect places to put on a treadmill. You will see it as soon as you wake up in the morning, and that gives you the excitement to “run every day”.

However, as mentioned above, it is essential to think twice before bringing fitness equipment into your bedroom. You can’t just buy one and put it in any corner of the bedroom.

So, when deciding where is the right place to put a fitness machine, it is essential to consider how much space you will need. It will allow you to make the right decision.

1. Space

In most cases, you will need a minimum floor space of 7′ x 12′ and a ceiling height of 8′ for optimal safety.

Of course, different models will have different space requirements. We therefore always recommend measuring and researching the space required based on the specifications of the treadmill you are targeting.


2. Neighbors

As you know, home exercise machines often make noise, and the treadmill is no exception. So naturally, this may annoy someone living below you. But, of course, you wouldn’t want to annoy your neighbors, would you?

3. Time of use

You need to consider this also to avoid disturbing the people around you. Do you plan to use your exercise machine early in the morning or late at night? Keep in mind that this can disturb someone’s sleep.

4. Landlord

This element is necessary for people who are renting houses. Before bringing anything into your apartment, double-check the lease to see if it is valid. Some landlords refuse to put things like exercise equipment in their apartments. If you breach the lease agreement, you may have to pay compensation.


Determine Which Room Is Best for Your Treadmill

Of course, an exercise machine can be a significant problem for bedrooms with limited space. In this case, you need a more suitable position. Here are some excellent ideas to consider: 

1. Spare bedroom

If you have an extra bedroom that you rarely use, it is time to make use of it. The spare bedroom is often a quiet and secluded place, making it perfect for exercise.

2. Basement

Indoor basements often have wide-open spaces, making it a great place to put a home treadmill.

4. Home office space

A home office could be an excellent place to put your exercise machine. However, you should not keep it in your home office if this negatively affects your workflow.

5. Living room

Finally, a spacious and airy place like the living room can also become an ideal place to exercise. It’s even a perfect place to put a treadmill at home if many members of your family lead an active lifestyle.

But, some people will feel uncomfortable because of the noises emitted by this machine.

In short, make your decision based on your personal preferences. In addition, it is important to consider space constraints before going out and buying an exercise machine.

Pro Tips

You should also consider the following to improve the exercise area:

  • Fan: When you use the treadmill, it quickly becomes hotter. Therefore, you should use a fan that helps circulate air to prevent your room from becoming warmer.
  • TV: It’s great to exercise while grasping the information on time, isn’t it?
  • Wireless Speaker: 
  • Windows: If you do not have a TV nearby, consider using wireless speakers. In addition to using them to listen to the news, it also allows you to listen to music while working out.

use a fan that helps circulate air

When you use the treadmill, it quickly becomes hotter. Therefore, you should use a fan that helps circulate air to prevent your room from becoming warmer.


Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you should be able to answer the question, “Can you put a treadmill in a bedroom?”. In general, setting up a home gym is a great thing for busy people to lose weight and stay in shape.

Besides thinking about where to put your exercise machine, finding the best one for your needs is also essential. So please check out our website to choose for yourself the most suitable one right now.

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