How Fast Is A 6 Minute Mile On A Treadmill?

Treadmills have a control panel with parameters and units of measurement. So, many people do not know how fast is a 6 minute mile on a treadmill.

A 6 minute mile on a treadmill is a fairly large pace, suitable for people with good physical strength. The intensity of this workout is comparable to doing HIIT again at a brisk pace.

This article will provide detailed information on this topic. Let’s find out!

How Fast Is A 6 Minute Mile On A Treadmill?

Warm-up level

Warm-up level

There is no specific number called a good treadmill speed. The best speed is the speed that is suitable for each person’s fitness and training needs.

You won’t be able to compare the figure of a jogger to stay healthy with someone trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Yet, professional gyms still provide a relative guide for your reference. The speeds in this table are based on people of average fitness and no serious health problems.

  • Warm-up level: 2.0 – 3.0 (equivalent to 20-30 minute miles) is a slow walking pace. You can apply it at the beginning to gradually increase your body temperature, get used to the exercise, and cool down before the end of the exercise.
  • Moderate: 4.0 – 6.0 (equivalent to 10-15 minute miles). If you want to maintain your health, you can choose to run at this speed.
  • Upper Moderate: 6.0 – 8.0 (equivalent to 8-10 minute miles). This level is in the medium to fast range, so you can apply if you have specific goals like improving health or losing weight.
  • Speed ​​level: 8.0 – 10.0 (equivalent to 6-8 minute miles). This speed is pretty great. Even for some people in good shape, it feels overwhelming and like an intense HIIT workout.
  • Very fast level: 10.0-12.0 (equivalent to 5-6 minute miles). Not everyone can reach this speed. Most people who adjust to this level are professional athletes or people with high fitness goals.

Treadmill Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Using a treadmill when working out at home is a suitable method. However, you will also encounter dangerous problems when practicing. So, you need to pay attention and be careful with some of the following safety tips.

Focus on action

You need to pay attention to each of your actions when starting with the treadmill. Unlike a standard running track, you can stop, slow down or adjust the speed naturally. The treadmill, once started, will continue to run, and you will quickly fall if you forget to turn it off.

You should focus while running and start it up from the smallest to the legs to gain more incredible speed. Be very alert; adjust the speed of the machine appropriately. It would also help determine when to stop to change the engine to slow down before shutting down completely.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to your speed compared to the running machine. It is straightforward to slip out of the device if you run too fast or slow compared to the rotation. It is best to pay attention to only steps in the center to avoid unfortunate incidents.

Mentally prepare

Even if you have carefully prepared clothes and shoes, you should still have a strong mentality. If you are distracted and don’t pay attention to the exercise, it can lead to problems.

If an unfortunate incident occurs, you need to be calm and alert enough to deal with the problem, and quickly hold onto the side rails to find your balance. 

You can also swing up or stand to one side outside the treadmill area to exit the rotation. Most problems come from leg cramps, so you need to warm up and warm up well before exercising.

Avoid being distracted

Focus on the treadmill to help you reach your desired speed

Focus on the treadmill to help you reach your desired speed

When using the machine, you should focus entirely on the exercise. Many people have the habit of watching programs on TV or using the phone, which is easy to have an accident. Concentrating on running will help stabilize your heart rate and improve your training process.

If you want to use water for refreshment, stop the machine completely and drink water slowly. You can train more regularly to develop a training schedule and proper rest between sets.

For more tips to follow, check out this video below!


Many people use and adjust the treadmill to their abilities, often not paying attention to its speed. For those who have to practice according to a rigorous plan, it is impossible to ignore monitoring their training intensity.

Depending on the type of machine, there will be a different speed display, and the treadmill speed will show you how active you are.

If the treadmill offers a treadmill speed of about 6.0, you are running at about 10 minutes/mile. You can use this conversion to adjust to your advocacy goals.

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