Can You Start A Treadmill Without The Key? A 6-Step Guide To Start For You

Nowadays, fitness equipment like treadmills often comes with safety keys. Even so, not everyone can keep this small device for long. In case of loss or damage, can you start a treadmill without the key?

Yes. You can modify the device to start without a key. Yet, many manufacturers discourage using fitness equipment that has lost its safety features in place.

To learn more about this issue, continue reading the article below.

Can You Start A Treadmill Without The Key? 

Console System 

Example of treadmill keys

Yes, you can absolutely start a treadmill without a key by tricking the wiring into thinking the key is in the machine.

This method will be suitable for those who have lost or damaged their keys. Yet, this process will require quite a bit of expertise in wiring and electrical circuits.

When you open the lid of your device, you should also know in advance that doing so will void the product’s warranty. A bit of useful advice is to contact the manufacturer to get the right direction or get a new key.

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How To Start A Treadmill Without The Key

If you still want to start the cross-trainer without a key, please follow the steps.

Things You’ll Need

Allen wrenches

Allen wrenches 

You will need the following tools. Contact an electrical store; they have everything on the list.

  • Crimp connectors
  • Allen wrench
  • Wire stripper
  • Electrical tape
  • Insulated electrical wire
  • Small screwdriver


Step 1: First, you need to unplug the power from the device. Then, unscrew the bolts on the control panel with an Allen wrench.

Step 2: Once the cover is removed, you can locate the safety switch near the slot. They can stick on to the board or not.

Step 3: Locate the lead on the sides and remove it from the terminal posts by counter-clockwise the screwdriver.

If the wire does not end outside the switch housing, you can cut the wire closer with a wire stripper.

Step 4: To expose bare wire, strip the ends of the lead switch ¼ inch, then twist the ends of the wire tightly. Use a piece of insulated wire as a connection between the two switch ends.

Twist the stranded ends and strip the ends of the jumper wire ¼ inch.

Step 5: Insert each end of the switch lead into the insulated connector and then crim it with the drawstring. This action will fix the conductor position.

At each open end of each crimp, insert the jumper ends.

Step 6: Use insulating tape to wrap jumper wires, switch leads, and crimp connectors. Put the control panel back on and try to start the machine.


Find the answers here if you still have any questions regarding using the treadmill.

using the treadmill


Can You Use Any Magnet For Your Treadmill?

If you’ve lost the key to your expensive tread wheel, don’t worry. There is still a way for you to start this device.

Its key is essentially just a magnet that controls the power of the control panel. You can use any type as long as the magnet fits into the slot.

To purchase magnets, contact the hardware store. Check out the video below for a more visual look.

Do All Treadmills Have Safety Keys?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), you should follow the manufacturer’s general instructions when using a cross-trainer.

You can now find a safety key as a tool to use your device more safely at home. However, not all treadmills have a key available.

  • Manual treadmills do not use electricity and move in your footsteps. Its price is quite reasonable.
  • Motorized treadmills need to use energy to drive the belt to rotate. It will ask for keys and provide additional smart features to calculate calories burned for users.

What Can Replace Treadwheel Keys?

People often use plastic pieces of equivalent size to replace the standard insertion keys.

The main reason is that the plastic keys are used to activate the switch inside the treadmill. So, if the replacement piece of plastic can slide into the slot and activate the controller, the cross-trainer will work.

Where Do The Keys Go In The Treadwheels?

The safety keys of the treadmill are attached to the front of the machine through one lead end. This wire will connect to the user on the other end.

Its effect is to provide the ability to make an emergency stop to prevent dangerous situations for the user. When you pull the tool out of position, the device stops immediately.

This phenomenon is because when the magnet is unplugged, it will immediately cut off the device’s power.

If you want to restart the cross-trainer, tap the magnet again on the marked area on the machine.

What Is The Magnet For On Treadwheels?

The main magnet is the key that controls the treadwheels. You can start and stop the device by inserting it into the keyway.

If the magnets fail, they may affect the validity of the warranty on the sports equipment.

Why Does My Treadwheel Not Turn On Or Off?

If your cross-trainer doesn’t work, wait five minutes and press the back button. Damaged or loose parts under the motor cover can cause the unit to stop working.

If the treadmill doesn’t start even though the control panel is on, there may be a problem with the motor unit. Loose wires could be the cause of this problem.


While it’s perfectly possible to launch a cross-trainer without safety gear, be careful when doing so. This action requires quite a bit of electrical knowledge, and it also makes your device unsafe.

To be sure, use a few tricks like using a replacement magnet or buying a similar device on the market. You should contact the manufacturer for the best advice.

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