Can a Treadmill Get Wet? 4 Common Reasons Why Treadmills Get Wet

Treadmills are one of the best cardiovascular exercise equipment. They are prevalent at gyms and even in private apartments.

Most treadmills are designed to be sturdy and durable, allowing them to last long. So can a treadmill get wet? Let’s find the answer through this article!

Can A Treadmill Get Wet? 

Treadmills will be damaged if soaked in too much water

Treadmills will be damaged if soaked in too much water.

Treadmills can get slightly wet, usually from sweat. However, they will go bad if drenched in moisture.

Generally, it is okay if your treadmill gets a little wet because it is designed to withstand sweat. Yet, if you expose it to rain or high humidity, serious problems will occur with the electronic components, leading to permanent damage.

While the belts will shield these electronics, they will quickly fail when water enters the treadmills.

As an owner, you should always dry water stains on your device to avoid irreparable damage. In addition, you should also keep your machine in a dry place and not be affected by rain.

How Wet Can A Treadmill Get?  

You should keep the treadmills in a dry place

You should keep the treadmills in a dry place.

Here are the common causes of a treadmill getting wet.


Sweating is a must-have part of the exercise with the treadmill.

The treadmills are designed for cardiovascular exercises, making you sweat more than any other exercise. Therefore, these products must be able to withstand sweat.

Thanks to their strategic designs, all models can prevent sweat from coming into contact with the sensitive electronic components inside them.

Specifically, the electronic components inside them are secured by a belt, which can prevent sweat.


As the manufacturer recommends, you should never leave the treadmill outside because it can be exposed to rain and dust.

Leaving these machines out in the rain is terrible, leading to irreparable damage since they can’t take much wetness.

Therefore, we recommend placing these devices inside your home or in areas not affected by rain.


Placing this machine in a humid environment will not cause it to fail immediately. Yet, its lifespan will be reduced, especially if you place it in a location with high humidity.

If you live in a high humidity area, you can extend your treadmill’s life by drying it regularly.

As a result, moisture will not have time to penetrate the belt to contact the electronic components inside your device.


Maybe you will spill water or a cooling drink while on the treadmill one day. Pouring a negligible amount of liquid will not be harmful to your treadmill. 

Yet, serious problems will occur if you spill a lot of water when cleaning your treadmill or other fitness equipment.

If this happens, it is essential to dry your device before water seeps into the belt and damages electrical components, including the motor.

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What Problems Can Occur When Treadmills Get Wet?

Your device's life will be shortened if it gets wet

Your device’s life will be shortened if it gets wet

While treadmills may not fail immediately upon exposure to too much water or moisture, they will operate less efficiently, shorten their lifespan, etc.

Dry Rot

If the appliance belt is exposed to water but is not dried in time, it may become dry rot. 

When it happens, the belt will work less effectively, reducing the treadmill’s performance over time.

The front and rear rollers will have to work harder due to increased friction, causing your machine to wear out faster.

Motor Damage

When the belt is dry rot, the engine will have to work harder due to the high frictional load. Therefore, the motor will need more electricity to keep the device running.

An increase in power demand will lead to a build-up of heat on the board, increasing the chance of damage to other components such as the power switch or circuit breaker.

Reduced Performance

Suppose you expose your machine to too much water for an extended period. The rollers and motor will have to work harder to keep the belt moving, significantly reducing the efficiency level.

If you don’t replace the corrupted parts, other parts will also have to work too much, causing the tear speed to be faster than usual.

Null Warranty

Most high-quality models come with good warranties, which can go up to 10 years.

However, exposing your device to water or chemicals will void your warranty. It means that you will have to pay the total cost of the repair and replacement.

Inconsistent Performance

If you notice that your machine is no longer responsive when you press keys, some of its internal components have likely become wet.

This problem can worsen over time and even lead to your device being inactive.

The Bottom Line

Can a treadmill get wet? In general, treadmills are designed to withstand minor humidity. If it gets too wet, it can go bad.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be more conscious of taking care of your device. Thank you for reading!

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