How Much Do Treadmills Depreciate? Guides For Newbies

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more conscious about exercise and personal health maintenance. However, not everyone has the conditions and time to go to the professional gym or go for a run in the park. So the treadmill is a trend that many people choose for their health training.

A new treadmill is often quite expensive, so many people cannot afford to own them. Therefore, buying used machines is an option that many people aim for.

So, how much do treadmills depreciate? Aversion will depreciate by 50-70 percent immediately upon purchase. Thus, it will be more beneficial for your wallet to choose this redemption form.

This article will give you the detailed information about this topic. Let’s find out!

How Much Do Treadmills Depreciate?

Treadmills Depreciate for how much 

Treadmills Depreciate for how much 

A used treadmill usually costs only about 50-70% of the original price.

This number may be higher or lower depending on the machine’s quality, design, and use. Even if the device you just bought, there is a problem with electricity or the screen during use, which can also reduce the product’s value.

You will be hard-pressed to sell a used machine even though it’s only been a few days at its original price. Buyers will ask why you want to sell it or what’s wrong with the machine. 

If you’re going to change and upgrade the machine regularly, you should also pay attention to the design, model and be careful during use.

Some special circumstances make it possible for you to sell your machine for a higher price than its credibility in the market. Some users will tend to buy famous models for their quality and durability.

However, it is difficult to find a new machine with such quality, and if you already own it, you can sell it for a better price.

Criteria For Choosing An Old Treadmill

The treadmill is an expensive piece of equipment, so you need to consider the factors and choose the appropriate product. Especially with older machines, the selection needs to be taken seriously because they can have problems.

Take a test run

Take a test run

Take a test run

You’ll need to test the machine to see if it’s right for you by giving it a test run. Even if you buy a new device, you can test it, so don’t worry too much but ask the seller to let you try to drive it. You should equip the appropriate running shoes and clothes and test run on it for about 10 -20 minutes.

While running, listen to see if the machine makes strange or annoying sounds. A good engine runs very quietly and does not make any noise when operating. 

In addition, you also need to check the belts to see if they are dirty. If they are too old, the machine may have been used a lot, and you need to consider when repurchasing this machine.

Ask about the warranty

Warranty is one of the important factors when buying an electronic device. Even if the seller guarantees the machine is good, you still need a long enough warranty period to prevent problems during use.

If you buy from retailers, you need to pay attention to the owner’s transfer policy. And if you buy from places that specialize in providing used machines, you may also enjoy the store’s warranty.

Do a background check

When you buy a new machine, the machine will be in your name on documents such as ownership, warranty, or purchase certificate. 

However, you need to check how many people have used them with old devices. It is best to buy a second-hand machine from its owner so that you can directly ask questions during use if there are any problems.

When you find the exact owner, you can find more information, like how the machine is used. Although they are all old machines, the quality will vary depending on how much time you use them. 

In addition, you will also need to know how the previous owner maintained the machine, the reason they sold them, etc., 

Another point you should ask is whether the device has ever replaced any parts with verifiable and best valuation.

For more tips to follow, check out this video below!

Where And When To Buy An Old Treadmill?

Old treadmill agent

Old treadmill agent

Buying a new running machine is simple. You need to go to stores that sell exercise equipment or sports equipment to search. As for used machines, where can they be found?

You can visit secondhand sites on social groups to find people selling their old machines. Other platforms you can refer to, such as liquidation aggregator apps, are also good places to look for used machines. 

Online shopping is straightforward, but you should check it out in person because there is almost no guarantee of the quality of the device.

If you can’t check in person, ask the seller to send detailed photos and have commitments with the seller.

Another way you can buy used treadmills is by going to a used dealer. These stores usually have higher prices, and you can’t bargain but can count on the quality of the product. They will also have a professional transport and installation service for you should you need it.

It would help if you also watched for the golden times to buy exercise equipment at the best price. 

In addition to special sales or holidays, sports shops usually have discounts in January. At this time, people often have to gather and eat because there are many holidays and it is also a special occasion when sellers boost sales.

How Long Do Treadmills Last? 

Treadmill durability

Treadmill durability

A treadmill is an expensive appliance with a long shelf life. Usually, a sound machine will have a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

If you take care of the machine regularly and adequately maintain it, the machine’s life can last for several more years. 

You need to clean and sanitize the machine every day properly, even when you are not using it. Even if the machine is still in good working order, it is advisable to have it serviced periodically to avoid internal problems.

In the process of use, the weather or outside temperature will inevitably be eroded. However, you can buy replacement products for damaged parts. The warranty period of treadmills is also quite long. 

Some brands even offer a lifetime warranty. You will not have to pay for the labor but spend money to buy replacement equipment.

You can take look at our list of low-impact treadmills for home use here.

Discount & Time For A New Treadmill

Discount & Time

Discount & Time

Basically, whether it’s an acquisition or a new purchase, you will always need to save your budget to the fullest extent.

Instead of trying to buy back an old version without really being sure of its quality, you can consider saving costs with a discount.

You can hunt for brand discounts on birthdays, regular deals, and other special occasions. Therefore, the time of purchase is also significant.

If you don’t have much money, choose occasions like black Friday to get the best deals on popular items.


Regular exercise is the best way to maintain and improve health. However, the increasingly busy life makes many people do not have time to maintain their exercise routine. So they chose the treadmill as a companion so they can exercise whenever, even while working or watching TV.

This exercise equipment is often quite expensive, especially the models with many functions or good durability. So, you can buy used machines to save more.

Hopefully, the information in the last article can help you buy a quality used machine at the best price. Thank you for reading!

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