Can You Use An Extension Cord With A Treadmill

If you place the exercise machine a bit far from the wall outlet, you will most likely think about using cords to plug your equipment into. 

However, can you use an extension cord with a treadmill? Do not worry! Vint has done some digging to help you answer this question.

As long as the cord is designed to handle the treadmill’s power draw, it’s safe to use it. In most cases, a treadmill can draw somewhere between 15 amps and 20 amps from a wall outlet. You need to make sure your cords can handle this.

So, make sure to read to the end of the article to determine which one is suitable for your machine.

It's safe to use with your equipment

It’s safe to use with your equipment

Is It Possible To Plug a Treadmill Into a Cord?

A treadmill for home use is just a large machine. That means it requires a power source to work. It does not matter how your equipment is connected to the power source, as long as it is safe for the user.

The most power-consuming part of your exercise machine is the motor. Besides, the control panel or screen also consumes a significant amount of energy.

The most common way to connect an outlet to your treadmill is using a cord. It is straightforward to use as it is designed only to transport electricity. 

Thus, does your exercise machine need electricity to work? Just plug in the cord, and you have it!

Yet, keep in mind that exercise machines often consume a lot of electricity, including treadmills. So, it is essential to find the right one for your device.

It is the most common way to connect an outlet to your treadmill

It is the most common way to connect an outlet to your treadmill

Are All Models Safe to Plug a Treadmill Into?

It would be unwise just to plug your treadmill into any model. The fact of the matter is that each exercise machine requires a different amount of power.

Therefore, it needs to be equipped with the right one to achieve the best performance. In other words, not all models are suitable for your equipment.

So what if the cord cannot handle the amount of power your machine needs?

In this case, your equipment will not work at its total capacity. Even worse could happen. For example, if the cord is too small for the power draw, it will heat up.

The heat generated from that will melt the insulation. Things will get worse from there.

How To Choose The Right Model?

As a rule, more powerful motors require more current. Therefore, it will require the most current when accelerating.

On the contrary, it will consume less power while maintaining the same speed. It is best to make sure your cord meets the maximum power rating your treadmill can require.

To choose the most suitable one, start by checking out the manual, which deals with the electrical requirements of your equipment.

In most cases, you will know how many amps are recommended for your exercise machine. From there, choosing a model will be as easy as pie.

The best thing is getting something higher than recommended. But, of course, in the end, you can’t go beyond the amount of power the outlet can provide. That means your cord can’t supply more current than the outlet.

Your equipment

Your equipment


Pro Tips For You

  • Check out the  owner’s manual

In most cases, it will come with a watt/amp rating printed on the packaging. In addition, the owner’s manual, which comes with your fitness equipment, will also show you what kind of power it will draw.

  • Pick the shortest possible extension.

As a rule, the longer the cord, the more resistance it has. It results in more heat being released. In addition, it can cause the voltage to drop significantly, harming your device.

  • Do not leave it in a coil.

You should avoid leaving it in a coil to avoid melting the insulation due to heat. If you smell something like burning plastic, unplug your equipment immediately.

  • Pick a grounded one.

It would be wise to plug your device into a grounded outlet. But, not all cords are grounded. Thus, make sure you choose the right one.

You can check out this video for more information.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can grasp the correct answer to, “Can you use an extension cord with a treadmill?” 

In general, it is possible as long as it can handle the power draw of the machine. So, we recommend that you consult the owner’s manual before purchasing one.

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