Mikaela Hamren

About Mikaela Hamren

Hi! I am a happy Swede transplanted to SF in 2011. I am a passionate runner, an outdoor enthusiast (or a 'Skogsmulle' as we say in Swedish) and an experimental foodist. I'm a Health Coach, Run Coach and Pilates Instructor. I like to simplify health, wellness and fitness, and make it fun and desirable.

As a runner I've been struggling with all kind of injuries (shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, runners knee, etc), and have developed a deep interest in a body-mind-approach to injury prevention. After years of struggling I have now been injury-free for almost two years. Pilates is my go-to for strength training, and I have personally experienced improvement in both my running speed, form and recovery.

I am offering:
1. Run Coaching - groups and individuals. Beginners to advanced.
2. Pilates in the Park - groups and individuals. Beginners to advanced.
3. Body-Mind Approach to Injury Free Running: Merging Pilates and Running

- Registered Nurse, graduated in 2005
- Certified Run Coach (through RRCA), 2014
- Certified Health Coach (through Institute of Integrative Nutrition), 2014
- Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (through ACE Fitness), 2014
- Certified Pilates Instructor (through Mint Studios), 2015
- BLS and First Aid

Website: www.healthbyyou.com

Ratings & Reviews

Truly an amazing workout combining strength with flexibility and body control. Mikaela was super an outraging and responsive to the individual level you're at