Proform Screen Not Working & How To Fix

Maintaining an exercise regimen even at home is a good habit. You can choose to do light exercises at home or use the treadmill in apartment.

This product will support you during your strength training workout. One of the best exercise machines today is the Proform.

However, no matter how good this machine is, it is impossible to avoid technical errors when using it. The most common problem is that the display screen of the device does not work. So, how to fix it? 

Let’s find out the cause and effective fix in the article below.  

The Role Of Proform Screens

The Role Of Proform Screens 

The Role Of Proform Screens 

Like other treadmills for the home, the Proform’s display will provide all the information about how long you’ve been using the machine. This way, you can understand your fitness level and find the right exercises.

In addition, it will also measure metrics throughout your workout. Specifically, the screen will display heart rate, number of steps, calories burned, and the machine will analyze the data from the outside and send notifications to you.

Therefore, the screen is one of the essential parts of the treadmill for home running. This unit must ensure accuracy for your home exercises to be highly effective.

Proform Screen Not Working Sign

When it is not working, you can quickly notice. The best way to identify it is that the display is not clear.

Specifically, as soon as you turn on the exercise machine, this part does not light up, and the characters are pretty difficult to read.

Even while training with a treadmill, the number of steps or heart rate not counting correctly is also a sign of the screen not working. If in doubt, you can use a manual heart rate monitor to check if the monitor’s display is working.

Proform screens not working will significantly affect your training. The treadmill calorie calculator is not accurate, the heart rate is not valid, leading to an ineffective workout.

Causes Of Proform Screen Not Working

Causes Of A Treadmill Screen Not Working 

Causes Of A Treadmill Screen Not Working 

One of the main reasons for the screen not working is weak power transmission. If the power outlet does not provide enough power for the treadmill for home use, the machine’s display will not work.

Proform models all have an internal battery for power transmission and a power cord. If one of these two parts has a problem, the screen will not be displayed.

In addition, this phenomenon can also appear when the components inside the screen have technical errors. It will lead to the display unit appearing with strange characters. You won’t be able to read the heart rate or calorie numbers inside the display. 

How To Fix

Fortunately, treadmill troubleshooting is simple. You can do it one of two ways:

Change harness

First, check that the machine’s power cord is firmly in the electrical outlet. If the power cord is loose, the exercise machine will not receive power to operate. You can move the exercise machine closer to the outlet so that the cable doesn’t get pulled too tight.

If the power cord is firmly plugged in, but the display still doesn’t light up, you’ll need to change the harness. You can find this part at your local parts store or online.

Change the display

Changing the display gets more challenging when you’re replacing the harness. Before performing the following steps, please disconnect the power to the machine for your safety. 

  • Prepare a new screen, screwdriver, and insulating gloves to proceed with the installation.
  • After that, you can dismantle the old display screen and replace it with a new one. 
  • Be very careful when installing because the wires inside are pretty small and easy to break. 
  • If you cannot do it at home, you can ask for the help of repair professionals.

Alternatively, you can opt for the premium version of this treadmill to limit this error from happening. One of these is the Proform crosswalk 397 treadmill. For more details, check out Proform crosswalk 397 treadmill reviews.


Here are some related questions that a lot of people are interested in:

How many times a week can I use Proform?

The use of a treadmill exercise machine at home is very beneficial for health. One of the most significant benefits is treadmill weight loss. So you can practice anytime you want.

On the other hand, if you follow a specific exercise cycle, you should use the treadmill every day. You can build a daily exercise routine to boost your health.

How to restart the treadmill?

To restart the Proform exercise machine is very simple. On the control panel, there will be a RESET button. Hold that button for about 5 seconds. If you can’t find the button, read the user manual of the exercise machine.

For more details, check out this video:


The display is an essential part of the treadmill for home gyms. Thanks to this screen, you can capture the effectiveness of each training session through an analysis of heart rate and calories burned.

So, if this part has a problem, you must immediately find the cause and fix it in time. We hope that the above article has helped you understand the causes of the Proform screen not working and how to fix it effectively. 

Thank you for reading!

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