Building Vint is a team sport.

We're looking to grow our team in Stockholm and San Francisco, and we want you to join us! If you're awesome at what you do (preferrably, but not neccessarily, one or more of the below), please submit your application to jobs@joinvint.com.

Backend developer:

As a master of tradeoffs, you know when to cheat and when to do the right thing. Our API runs as a monolithic Rails app but we’ll soon split it into different services.

Android developer:

We’re looking for someone who can build our Android app from scratch. You don’t have to hum ‘We are the robots’ when brushing your teeth, but it might help.

Web developer:

The web will conquer everything, eventually, as soon as the standards are properly implemented. Yeah. Oh, and people need to update their browsers too. Angular ftw! We have so much cool stuff we need to build it’s not even funny.

iOS developer:

Johnny Ive haven’t redesigned you yet, but you’re secretly wishing for it. A rainbow across your chest would be a tasteful addition to the unicorn tattoo you have on your ankle. Or not. Our app needs you though.