The #BetterWorkouts Movement Is Growing: Join Us

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Vint celebrated its launch in San Francisco by giving away free personal workouts worth $100k

At Vint, we are determined to spur a new generation of fun community fitness. We started in Stockholm and then sparked #BetterWorkouts in San Francisco with our launch on August 13th, 2014! We offered $100k worth of personalized workouts with our #BetterWorkouts SF Initiative.

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Did you miss the #BetterWorkouts SF Initiative? Join the movement by simply downloading the Vint App (available for both iPhone and Android) today!

So grab your tennis shoes, your yoga mat or boxing gloves and book a session with an athlete or instructor from the Vint community today. Bring a friend or a coworker — it's free for anyone at any level who's up for a #BetterWorkouts experience. From Tai Chi to yoga and from boxing to swing dancing — we've got you covered!

Want to watch better workouts spread across San Francisco? #BetterWorkouts

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Featured instructors
Sf ambassador kallie
Kallie Ziegler

I’m your go-to girl for pilates and core fusion! I incorporate yoga, pilates, and high intensity interval training. Looking to gain flexibility? Want to gain strength? When can we meet?

Sf ambassador zach
Zach Scioli

"Hell yeah, I just did that!" High intensity metabolic training and strength focus will undoubtedly expedite your gains. Judgments left at the door — let's do this!

Sf ambassador rebecca
Rebecca Mayne

Yoga is too good to not share! Yoga represents this huge umbrella of styles. It's meant for everybody and every body. Your need is my speciality, I look forward to working with you!