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Vint is fun, affordable, personal workouts for you and your friends – whether your goal is to improve or learn a new sport, or just exercise and lose weight.

About Vint

We believe that how people find and buy sport and fitness training is screwed up, and needs to be reinvented.

We are creating a marketplace for sport and fitness around the world to empower the providers and consumers of their services, as a part of the massive online to offline movement led by companies like AirBnB and Uber. By connection everyone from first timers to fitness freaks with highly skilled athletes through our app, we open new worlds of training opportunities for individuals and groups. We are also creating more business for instructors, who provide support, motivation, and customs plans that evolve as your performance

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Done with long-term gym contracts? We are too.

Forget about long-term gym contracts and expensive initiation fees, Vint gives you access to gyms and fitness centers whenever and wherever you need it. Pay as little as $10 per workout.

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